Sunday, May 30, 2010

S-E-X is a Privilege

Camdyn has been using the word "foofy-head" a lot lately and it is over-the-top annoying.  We keep telling her that is "potty-talk" and she can only use that word in the potty, but that's not really helping, it's still her go-to word.

So, this morning, we are all dolled up.  The girls are donning their matching dresses featured in my header, and we are driving to Church.  Before we are down our street Camdyn says, "Daddy, you are such a Foofy-head."  My response, "Camdyn that is potty talk - if you say that word again you will lose a privilege."  [the privileges we take away most often; her TV time, her treat before bedtime, or swimming].  So, we drive about a mile and somehow in conversation Hubs says the word "poop."  My eyes widen and I realize that Hubs just did a potty-talk and what is reprimand-able for Cam should also be reprimand-able for Hubs, right, or no?

ME:  Daddy! That is potty talk!  You can only say that word in the potty.  If you say it again, I will have to take away one of your privileges

CAM:  Uh oh Daddy.  You better watch your words

HUBS:  Oh, no!  Don't take away my S-E-X ::spells so as not to offend little ears:: privilege
             Wait.  I lost that privilege a long time ago.
Me:  Yeah, you did.

Next time, I'll probably bypass on making an example out of Daddy.

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Crystal Ball Camera


There is a blog hop going on here.  Visit Trendy Treehouse and join the fun.  If youa re new, you can read a little about who I am and what this is all about here.  Or, you can just read what I'm yappin' about today.  Welcome!

It turns out that my girlfriend Becky has a camera that has a crystal ball function on it.  Sometimes it takes pictures that give me a glimpse of the future and it literally makes me want to crawl into bed, pull the covers over my head, plug my ears with my fingers and sing "La-la-la-la-la" so I don't have to think about it.

When I look at this picture I don't see 4 year old, strong willed, I'm a leader, cute little baby voice, please tie my shoes, I have to go potty, why can't we own a pterodactyl, Camdyn.  I see Camdyn 11 years from now, I see Camdyn at age 15. 
"Mom when I'm 15, I promise to still love you"
(At least I hope that's what she will be thinking)

Is it the look in her eyes or the way she is standing?  I see Camdyn, with black eyeliner, DC shoes on her feet, an attitude, and an overwhelming detest for her mother ::shudders:: that comes with teen age hormones, peer pressure, and the simple uncool factor of 40 year old parents.

So, if you don't see that in this picture, then check out this one:

Mabye it's the lollipop stick hanging from her lips, reminiscent of a cigarette she should not be smoking (and Camdyn, mommy will ground you like you've never been grounded before if I find out you are smoking).  It's the slight head tilt and the look in her eye like she has it ALL UNDER CONTROL.  Humph.

So, while I appreciate the cute factor in this picture and the glimpse in to what adolescence with two teen age girls might bring us, I really want to end this post and not think about it ever again.  But, first...

Dear 15 year old Camdyn,
Life at 15 SUCKS.  It really does.  You are almost an adult, but still technically a child, and you are caught between both worlds.  Although, you may think that I don't understand any of your daily challenges at school and in your life, I probably do.  Talk to me.  Share with me and allow me to be a part of your rapidly changing world. 

I promise that I will do my best not to judge your decisions and that I will offer my advice when requested and that I will support all of your endeavors as long as it isn't drugs (thanks for that line PG).  But, also remember that my job is to raise you in the Lord's ways, to make sure that you are safe and provided for, and to ensure that you do, in fact, GROW UP

I am your MOTHER before I am your FRIEND and that means that there will be moments when we butt heads and that we disagree and you might even think that I'm an idiot and that I don't understand....and that's okay.  I love you to the moon and back and am strong enough to see you through the crap hole that is the teen age years.  And when you get to the other side; when you are a happy, healthy, well adjusted adult who is a productive member of society, and most likely a MOTHER YOURSELF, you will thank me for it.  And, my love, I will THANK YOU for being the best teen-ager a mother could ask for.

So, Cammer, please don't fault me for always seeing you like this:

You will forever be my precious baby girl, no matter how old you get or how independent you become.  And while you no longer need me to tie your shoes, help you brush your teeth, or calm you down when you are scared, I am still here for you in every way you could imagine. 

Love you Forever and Always,
Your 43 year old Momma

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday Thanks

It's hard to believe that it is Thursday already, but it is, and this is becoming my favorite day of the week.  What better way to start a day than to list a few of the things that I am thankful for today.  So, let's just assume that I am Thankful for the givens; Health, Family, Faith, Food, Home, My readers, etc., and allow me to list some of the more trivial, or insignificant things that get lost on an ordinary day.

Today I am Thankful for:

11).  The robust woman at McD's that refers to me as "baby" and "sugar" every morning when she hands me my coffee.  She makes me smiley.

12).  Elephant Pink OPI nail polish - it's amazing how tan my feet look when the nails are bright pink!

13).  Our pool - it provides hours of free family entertainment and bonding

14).  The bag boy at Publix who didn't hesitate a moment when I asked him to grab me a gallon of milk that I forgot (mind you that was my sole purpose of going to the grocery store...ugh)

15).  The giant bruise that is forming on my left thigh.  Because it means that last night when I got tripped up in my pajama pants and went sailing into the wooden rocking chair with the baby cradled in my arms, I didn't harm her precious head, but myself instead. 

16).  Dijorno Pizza because it provides a tasty an inexpensive alternative to ordering out

17).  My 4 year old who loves me THIS MUCH ::arms open as wide as they can be:: and tells me so every night as I tuck her in for the 17th time

18).  Cute little baby buns that are so adorable after tubby time

19). My brand new INC fat jeans that make me feel skinny

20).  30 days of sobriety for PG!  If you recall this post then you know that this is a very big deal!  Praise ye the Lord!

If you wanna join the fun and give thanks for your blessings today, go ahead and link up with Alysha at The Tarr Pit and check out what she and everyone else is thankful for today.

And, I leave you today with this A-DOR-ABLE shot of my lovie taken last Sunday evening.  I'm having it printed on 11x16 canvas.  My nifty fifty is quickly becoming my favorite lens!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Commenting Addiction

Pays off ya'll!  I got me some rec-og-ig-nition from a blogger that I recently discovered through the D-list Blog Party last week.  Nic over at Four Better Four Worse cracks me up on a daily basis.  She is seriously, the funniest blogger around, and her writing style, and stories make me LOL regularly.  Plus, she is pretty damn rad for recognizing my commenting addiction passion.  So, I get to post this cute wittle Panda on my page, and thank Nic for allowing me to spew comments all over her posts with some regularity and then answer the following 10 questions.

Here Goes:

1) Why do you blog?

It started out as a means of sharing pictures and funnies with my family and close friends. But, now, I blog because I am scared of dying and leaving nothing behind. I want my girls to read a piece of me, of how I viewed our life and the world, and to have a physical reminder of me. I plan on having my blog printed yearly, and I’ll stack the books on the shelf to gather dust until one day they decide to read them. I hope that sounds more beautiful than morbid. Oh, and blogging just makes me feel good.

2) What are your three best memories?

1). Every December, two weeks before Xmas, my dad would let me and my brother play hooky from school. We would take the train in to Chicago and we would Xmas shop, eat, and look at all of the fabulous window displays downtown. It was such a special occasion. I treasure those memories

2). The hubs’ major league debut. My parents took the time to drive in to Cincinnati and we were all there for him that weekend. That’s a once in a lifetime thing, so I’ll never forget it.

3). And then of course, my wedding weekend and my kids’ births rank up there too!

3) If you had to change your real name, what would you change it to?

Probably Sarah. In my younger days, every time I was approached by a random guy at a bar, I would tell him my name was Sarah. I’m not sure why, I just did. I’m okay with Carol, though. I’m pretty much the only Carol that exists under the age of 55 and that makes me special (in my own mind).

4) What are 5 things you can’t live without?

Besides, bread & water; God/Faith, my kids/family, my celly, DVR, and sleep!

5) What are the four best books you’ve ever read?

Well, fortunately, while I would pump away at work, I actually plowed through quite a few books, although, I’m not sure that any of them were my favs. Here’s a few that left a mark in one way or another.

1) The Bible, cause it’s the Bible, and there is comfort in the scripture

2) Healthy Sleep Habits Healthy Child –written by some pediatrician. This book literally saved my sanity and I still reference it from time to time.

3) Twelve hours by Twelve Weeks, because it turns out that it is possible to get a 10 week old baby who is exclusively breastfed to sleep through the night at 10 weeks old. I did it, it works, and it made being momma to two girls easier than it would have been otherwise.

4) Anything written by Jennifer Weiner, because she writes so effortlessly and her books involve the opposite of thinking

6) Tell me something unique and interesting about yourself.

I am a claustrophobic nut job who may or may not have sent my 11 month old daughter in the elevator at Macy’s with the bestie and her baby while I ran for the escalator. At least I didn’t send her in the elevator alone. And thankfully, they didn’t get stuck, because Liz would have been screwed if she got stuck in the elevator with two strollers and two babies.

7) What do you like about yourself?

I’m a giver and I enjoy making people happy. Oh, and I have awesome ankles!

8) What is the best movie ever made?

Heathers, cause there was a point in time when I could quote almost every line from that movie and I always found it hilarious. Hello 1988, I missed you! So, it isn’t Academy Award material, but who doesn’t like to see Shannon Doherty at her bitchiest?

9) If you had a Freaky Friday experience, who would you want to change places with and why?

The hubs because I would like to know what it feels like to walk around in that big man body all day long and I think it would do him some good to walk around in my body/shoes for a day. I’m sure he would be begging to switch back with me after 24 hours!

10) What is the best part about being a woman?

Crying while watching the season finale of Grey’s while dipping French fries in a chocolate Frosty and then blaming it on your period. Yeah, that pretty much rocks.

And, then this is the part where I get to pass this award on to someone who gives me comment love on a regular basis and that gal is LeeAnn at The Life of Rylie and Bryce Too.  I also met this awesome momma of 2 through the Blog Party and she rocks my comment section with thoughtful, funny, and consistent comments.  So, go and check her and her adorable lovies out and leave her a comment to let her know you care.  I mean, afterall, comments make the bloggy world go round, right?

Monday, May 24, 2010

She Ain't Sick - The Video

At least when Chloe is sick she is still cute and incredibly happy.  It makes staying home all day enjoyable!

Weekend Spotlight

I can't believe I actually get to leave work at noon!  Wheeee
Bake Chicken
Clean the tub
Mix up pot pie
Man, I can get a lot done in an hour when I have the house to myself
Go to the gym.  Am I actually at the gym?  Wish I looked like that chick, I gotta work out more
Grocery Shop - This Publix is giant, it's got a great bakery...umm....doughnuts for Sat. Morning
Pick up the kiddos
Hi - How was work?
Seriously, I made dinner, no, really, I did. 
Thanks, Babe.  It probably does taste like my best pot pie evah
Swim time after dinner
Bath time

Why are they both up at 6:30? 
Coffee - need coffee, oh, and a doughnut!
Does Chloe sound wheezy?  I should take her to the dr.
Really, she needs the nebulizer?  Grrrreeaaat.
Party at the Splash Park - okay, seriously, having 2 kids is no longer a good excuse.  How are these women so ripped?
Quiet Time
What's for dinner.  I dunno?  Corn. Teehheee.  Carrabbas?  Even better.  Oh, I know, lets get a sitter! 
Can't find a sitter, will this work?

Okay let's order out and stay in
You order dinner while I play tea party

And puzzles

Kids are exhausted, we'll get em in bed early
Ummmm, this is the best alfredo and shrimp ever, it's practically diet food.  No wonder I don't look like Tanner's mom
Ohhh, you rented Avatar, let's watch it.  Where's my beer?
I thought this movie was a cartoon.  Okay, I'll shut up and just watch
Can't believe I stayed awake for the whole thing.  It's 11:00.  

Ugh.  Chloe has a fever.  Do you want to stay home with her or should I?
Hallelujah / Amazing Grace, sing, pray, give thanks, prayer requests
Is Chloe still sleeping?  Okay.  I'll take Cam to McD's to run around so we don't come home and wake her
Sorry sweetie, I can not go up that slide with you, mommy is wearing a dress
Man, this is the weekend of birthday parties....Can 4 year old's really bowl?
Sweetie, I know the shoes are ugly, but you have to wear them if you want to bowl
Okay, don't wear them and don't bowl.  Mommy doesn't care.
See, I told you bowling was fun, I am proud of you for wearing those ugly shoes
Are you really watching Jersey Shore?  It's a marathon...great.  I'm going shoppin' be back in a few
I need new mascara.  What happened to Prescriptives?  They went out of business a year ago?  WHAT? My mascara can't be a year old?  That's crazy.  No wonder my eyes are itchy. 
Clairins?  Never heard of it.  Whatever.  I'll buy a tube.
Dinner....leftover pot pie. 
Swim time.  Scoop Cam, you have to scoop, you can't just kick your legs, get those arms moving too
Chloe can't breathe!  Turn the shower on and let's steam her up.  Okay.  That helped.  I'll have to take her to the doc in the morning.  Man, daycare kids are sick all the time.  This blows.
Go Go Lake Show!

So, it's Monday ya'll and I'm home with a quasi-sick baby.  Which is fine by me, cause Mondays make me wanna do this...

 So, what did you do this weekend?

Friday, May 21, 2010

I Must Redeem Myself

I have a plan tonight, and it involves homemade chicken pot pie, a bottle of wine, and making the hubs feel like King of our Castle.

The Corn Story:
Earlier this week, my 4 year old declared that she really wanted corn on the cob for dinner.  So, I picked 4 ears up at the store and decided that I would boil them up for dinner.  So, that's what I did.  I boiled that corn. I set it on the table and declared that "dinner is served."  Well, the hubs looked at me with those sideways kind of eyes and said, "This is dinner?" Um.  Yeah. ::squeaky voice, wide eyes, and a rising lump in my throat::  He says, "How am I supposed to run all of this :: points to his 6'4" frame:: on an ear of corn?  Um. I dunno.  So, he shook his head, and then helped himself to a bowl of cereal, a beer, and an ear of corn. 

Now, I know his point wasn't to make me feel like a failure, and he didn't say that I let him down, but that's exactly how I felt.  He knows I don't like to cook.  I just don't enjoy it and he's a really picky eater which makes trying new recipes difficult.  And, I don't typically need a big dinner, I ran just fine on that one ear of corn. But, I forget that I should take some sort of pride in feeding my family dinner.  I always make sure the girls get well rounded meals, and I forget about myself and the hubs. 

So, I felt deflated and overwhelmed by my recklessness in wifely duties that night.  I vowed that I would change that, at least one night a week (baby steps here).  Tonight is that night.  Granted, I won't be in an apron and pumps.  But, I'll make him that dinner and a special dessert (I love to bake) and I'll treat the hubs to a dinner he deserves for the hardworking man that he is.  It'll be my best attempt at being a Stepford Wife and I know he'll appreciate it and maybe I can redeem myself from the corn incident...

(My homemade pot pie recipe is delicious and easy enough that I enjoy making it, so if you want the recipe, email me)

Happy Friday, Ya'll!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thankful on Thursday & Bumble Bee Beautiful

I haven't done a Thankful on Thursday post in awhile, so I figure it is high time that I jot down my blessings.  If you haven't heard of this trend please visit Nish at the Outdoor Wife and see what she is all about.  I love the way she writes and that her faith always finds its way into her posts.  She is truly a breath of fresh air.  Most Thursdays you can link up your TT posts on her page.

10 things I am thankful for this Thursday
1.  The Air I breathe and that I have Life
2.  Baby Hugs and giant kisses that go Muah
3.  My favorite BCBG black pencil skirt that fits this morning
4.  My awesome Michael Kors heels that always make me feel sexier than I am
5.  Grande Iced Non-fat White Mocha
6.  Friends that call just to chit chat
7.  My husband who offered to get me french fries at 11 pm last night
8.  The Lord, who always knows just what I need and when I need it
9.  A babysitter that I trust and adore
10.  Gymboree and baby clothes so cute I could pass out (see below)

So, there you have it, and you know I can't leave ya'll without a few pictures....

Bumble Bee Beautiful
This was snapped yesterday on our way into school.  I picked up this cute
little number at Gymboree last weekend.  She has wings, ya'll ::faints from cuteness::
Little sissy trips over her blanket so big sissy helps her up ::heart fills up with joy::
Camdyn actually asked me to buy her this "dress" in her size.  Sorry, sweetie.  I'm afraid
Gymboree doesn't make onsies in a size 5
And then after school we went to the park and the babies ran around the softball fields
and played contently while I soaked in all of my blessings.  Life is full.
So, what are you Thankful for this Thursday?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Letter to Miss Belle - 14 months

My Sweet Belle,
It's been 14 months since you came screaming into our lives.  It's hard to believe how quickly that time evaporated and how much you have changed.  Rides in the car are now enjoyable as you reserve your five-alarm scream for times when you are truly upset.  Your shrieks, giggles, and belly laughs consume most of your day along with your ever expanding vocabulary.  Your first word was "uh oh" and since then you've added, momma, dada, dog (doh), cat, book (booh), banana (na-nuh), shoes (sheesh), more (mo) and your first phrase, what's this (whaaz izzz). 

You love to play "I'm gonna get you" and you laugh from your soul as I chase behind you.  Sometimes I like to hide behind a door just so that I can pop out and startle you.  You scream like a grown woman and then you break in to the most glorious laugh.  You love it, which cracks me up, because I don't think I would find it very funny if daddy did that to me all the time.

You are becoming so confident in your toddle and at times you want to move faster than your tiny baby legs will let you.  You are insisting on walking everywhere we go just like your big sissy and we are happy to let you explore your new found independence.  I realize it won't be long until you are running and skipping right along side her. 

You are my binkie and blankie baby, and I love it when you walk around the house dragging your blanket behind you.  And, when you are really tired, you lay down on the floor with it as if to snuggle down for the night right there.  You are a daddy's girl already, and for this I'm forever grateful.  The sight of you snuggled up against his chest melts my heart.  You are getting so big, although you still look tiny in his arms.  Those are moments that I want to remember forever.

> You have 5 teeth; 2 on top, and 3 on the bottom
> Cheese is the only thing you do not like to eat
> You are finally drinking milk
> You weigh 19.2 lbs and have finally graduated to stage 3 diapers
> Most of your clothes are size 6-12 months, although, you are long, so onsies are 12-18 months.
> You love cars, trucks and things that roll
> Watching you play My Little Pony with sissy in the bathtub melts my heart
>  You love the dog to the point of abuse; you hang on her, pull her fur, and squeal with delight.  She doesn't mind, thankfully
>  You love car rides and often pass toys back and forth with sissy; you still sit backwards and you don't seem to mind
> You sleep 11 hours at night and often wake up screaming after 2-3 hours; you scream until we place you back in your crib and then you sleep peacefully until daybreak
> You give the most wonderful hugs

What I wish for you, my sweet Belle, is that you use that voice of yours and that you stand up for what you believe in.  That you continue to communicate with the world and that you never feel like you need to hide within your own skin.  That we will have a relationship that is open and honest and that you never feel like I will judge the choices you make in your life.  I believe communication will be your gift, as you are very vocal about your likes and your dislikes, and you always have been.  I hope you use that gift for the good.

I hope you grow up to be proud of who your are and how you are being raised and that our home is always a safe spot for you.  And sweet baby, I hope you know how much you are wanted and adored.  So, scream on sweet baby, giggle with joy, and let the whole world know that you are a gift from God.  You are a tiny blessing and you complete our family.  You make our world perfect.

Love Always,

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

D-listed Blog Party 2010

A few weeks ago I became a member of the d-list.  This is a place where little blogs can play with other little blogs.  If you haven't joined, you should.  It's a great way to meet other mommy bloggers, and actually interact with them.  They feature 5 bloggers a week (I'm still waiting for my turn) and it's a great way to get to know other bloggers. This week they are sponsoring a blog hop, so get on over there and check it out.


If you are new to my blog, welcome, click around awhile and get comfortable.  If you've been here before, welcome home!

My name is Carol, my family and close friends call me Carol Ann, that's my given name.  Go ahead with the poltergeist jokes.  I'm use to it and I don't mind.  Nothing makes me feel better than when someone calls me by my full name, it reminds me of my daddy and my childhood, I get all swoon-y.

I am momma to two little girls who keep me very busy and spread very thin.  If you want to see how much they look alike, go here.  I work part-time in the engineering industry.  One day I'll write about the melt-down that occurred in my life which made that idea a reality.  It wasn't pretty.  But, this works for me, and it allows me to participate in my kids' activities and get errands done during the week, so we can enjoy the weekend as a family. 

I married my college sweetheart in December 2002.  We honeymooned in Maui, and it still blows my mind that I didn't have a digital camera at that, was it that long ago?  Hubs used to play professional ball, one day I'll write about it.  We moved for spring training in 2003 and ended up buying a house and we're still here.  This blog was created so I could share stories and pictures with my family and friends while living so far away.  You can blame aol for the fact that you are reading this.  If they wouldn't have changed their picture sharing technology I would still be emailing pics to my entire address book, instead of writing and posting them here.

My blog is new, I'm just getting swinging and am enjoying the fellowship with other bloggers.

Here are a few posts that I enjoyed writing:

About the time we moved:  This is the house

The HeShe Story.  This is a 2 part series, click around to find the conclusion:  HeShe

About how parents compare pre-schools to the point of ugliness:  My Preschool is better than yours

And for a laugh, the time the hubs nearly killed the baby with yoga:  He Yoga'd Her

Please leave a comment so that I know where to find you.  Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you make it a habit!

Monday, May 17, 2010

My Love Tank

Have you ever woke up on a Saturday morning and thought that life was just as it should be?  That's what happened to me this past Saturday, and it was heavenly.  I woke up, unprovoked (sans alarm clock, barking dog, crying kid, frustrated husband).  The kids were happily playing with daddy, the coffee was brewing, and things seemed that they were just as they should be, and believe you -me, I soaked it in, because these moments are rare in my life. 

I grabbed my coffee, put baby down for her morning nap, and settled in next to Cam on the lanai (big screened in porch that contains the pool and is indigenous to the state we live in, for all of you northerners).  She played with her barbies, I soaked in the view and listened to the birds (cue Golden Girls theme song) and then daddy delivered breakfast to me. Say Whaaa?

So, we slowly started our day, and when baby woke up from her nap, we put on our swimmies and headed downtown to the Marina.

Somehow this view just never gets old

The girls had their swimsuits on and geared up for some water fun in the fountains.  This was Chloe's first experience and boy, did daddy watch her like a hawk.  She loved it, and I snapped some pics with my zoom lens from way on top of the fun.  There was no way I was takin' my camera anywhere near all those rugrats and water.  Initially, Cam wanted to stay home.  She wanted to swim in her own pool, where there is "lots of water" and she can swim under the water, but when we got there, she pulled out her horsies and a bucket and ended up having a great time.

And then after the soakin' good time, we swapped lenses and took some family photos in front of a giant yacht, which I wish I owned, but then again, I am a claustrophobic nut job about boats and water, so that probably wouldn't work out so swell.  It made for a sweet picture, though.  Check out Cam in my shades!  She asked to wear them, and she just might be the raddest, tooth missin', 4 year old ever.  BTW, she has 2 more super wiggly teeth in her head, so man, she's gonna look crazy!

and, then, the babies napped like they had never napped before, and the hubs and I watched Wyatt Earp (why, I dunno no, it was on tv so we watched it, and it was actually kinda entertaining) and the peace continued well in to the evening. 

I think sometimes God knows that I need a break.  That I need a moment to soak in my life, the daily miracles, and all of my blessings.  An opportunity to peacefully put things in perspective.  To realize that God doesn't make mistakes and that the world with all of its stresses and joys is exactly the way it should be.  I had that on Saturday.  It was refreshing.  And now that my love tank is full, I can continue on for the next 362 days until a day like this happens again. 

Friday, May 14, 2010

Jillian Michaels - Really, I'm not offended

It appears that Jillian Michaels opened her cake tofu hole and promptly stuck her foot in it.  Or, the media twisted what she said just to create some drama.  If you wanna read the story on parentdish, here it is.

It's not that she did or didn't say that "pregnancy ruins your body" that bothers me.  It's this:

"I don't feel that pregnancy ruins a body at all, and I was really upset that an entire community of women felt hurt by what I allegedly said," she continued in the Momlogic post. "So much has been misconstrued and taken out of context. I do expect that from the media, so I don't really care about that. But what I DO care about is moms. So if moms or women out there feel betrayed at all, that matters to me. Moms are incredibly important to me."

Somewhere out there exists a community of mom's that are hurt by her reported statement?  Huh. 

I'm not hurt or betrayed by that statement, maybe because it's the TRUTH.  Someone show me a case study or some empirical evidence that pregnancy actually IMPROVES the look of your body.  Once I see that, then maybe I can feel hurt or betrayed, and then maybe women everywhere will rush to get pregnant just so that they can look better afterwards.  The way I see it, pregnancy does "ruin" parts of your body for most women.  My belly button will never be the same, I don't have stretchies, but I have a scar, and the skin on my stomach will never be as firm as it was.  Those things definitely aren't an improvement by any means.  And, just because I agree that pregnancy causes some parts of the anatomy to hit the skids doesn't mean that it isn't worth it a hundred times over.

It's sooo worth all of the differences and changes in not only my physical body, but my psyche and spirit.

So, Miss Michaels, I'm not offended.  I happen to agree with the statement whether you said it or not.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The One Where Hubs Yoga'd on the Baby

It's Tuesday night, about 8:00 and we are settling down for bedtime. The kids are bathed, Chloe is eating a graham cracker and the entire family is in Camdyn's bedroom picking up toys and winding down for the night.

It's story time, so I pick up one of my favorite books to read to the girls. Girls - plural. Cause when they are both participating in story time I have to read a book with minimal words on each page, and bright pictures. This cute little book accomplishes that and Chloe, with her 13 month old attention span, can almost pay attention to the entire story.  Did I mention that it rhymes and it contains the phrase "Llama Drama" which I snicker at every time I read it? 

So, there we are, all three of us snuggled on top of Camdyn's twin sized bed.  Chloe is on my lap swatting at the pages, Cam is leaning over my shoulder and I was reading theatrically.  I was entertaining them and thinking to myself that I should volunteer at their school to read stories to the children, because, I'm really good at it.  In that moment everything seemed right with the world.  The kids were peaceful, the hubs was sitting on the floor listening intently, or praying that my squeaky voice would stop - take your pick. And, we were bonding.  Seriously, this might have been my June Cleaver moment of the week  month year. 

So, I should have seen this coming. I should have heard the Jaws music somewhere in my head and known that the moment couldn't last, that somehow things could only go downhill from here.  But, that's not what I was thinking when baby Chloe leaned forward, and crawled off my lap and then swung her legs down over the side of the bed and scootched her little body down until her feet hit the floor.  Clearly she didn't want to hear the last 4 pages of the book.

So, I continue reading to Camdyn and look up just in time to see the Hubs like this! 
He's doing yoga in Camdyn's bedroom during story time, which doesn't seem like a big deal except... THE BABY!   OMG!  The baby is standing right below his MAN ASS that is three feet up in the air (he's 6'4" y'all, his feet were damn near the ceiling) and he has no idea that she is there!  In the .2 seconds it took me to assess this situation, I yell "LOOK OUT!" It's too late.  The man ass is already on a downward decent and sweet baby is within striking distance.  CONTACT.  BABY DOWN.  Chris rolls up to a seated position, his eyes are the size of a dinner plate.  He looks at me in SHEER FREAKIN' HORROR. 

Now, I must pause and offer a little comfort to dear Hubs and my readers who are probably floored that the baby was attacked unknowingly by an ass (literally. I am not referring to the hubs here because we do not name call - EVER).  But, from my angle, it wasn't that bad.  I saw the way she fell.  She fell straight backwards, kinda in one piece like the way the wind knocks over an empty garbage can.  Her feet were knocked out from under her and she fell on to the carpet. She wasn't crushed, as in, hit from the top and squashed down in to the carpet, now that woulda been bad. 

Baby was silent for a second before the 5 alarm scream.  Now, if you've never actually met my child then you have no idea how loud her scream really is.  I swear, she's gonna sing opera one day.  She'll be this little bitty half pint on the stage with a set of lungs that can swing the chandeliers.  My point, she was loud.  The peace?  GONE.  The moment?  GONE.  POOF.

So, I sit there.  No reaction.  Just watching the hubs as he scoops baby up and snuggles her screaming little red face in to his chest.  "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME SHE WAS THERE?" I did.  It was too late.  I was reading a book, looking at the pages, I had no idea that you felt the urge to do yoga right then.  Enter Camdyn.  "Momma why is daddy yelling?"  "Because, he is scared for Chloe, Sweetie.  He got really scared." And, he was.  I don't think I've ever seen the man so scared except for the one time Camdyn had the seizure.  Remember that?  If not click here. Or the time Chloe had the Vaso Vegal reaction (note to self, blog about that on a day I'm feeling blessed), or the time she choked on a puff, or the time when Camdyn choked on an apple.  Okay, so I've seen that look on his face a few times, regardless, it isn't pretty.

Now don't you worry.  He's pretty much professional at calming the baby down and she settled down very quickly in his arms.  The hubs, however, took some serious calming down from me.  I went down the list:  She's fine.  It's carpet.  It's really hard for a baby to break a bone.  See she's walking.  It just scared her.  WHEW.

I left out the blame.  I left out the WTF were you doing yoga for anyway question (I figured he was probably bored and trying to keep his mind off  my shrieking voice).  And, I wished desperately that Chloe had stayed on my lap until the end of the story so that WE could have soaked up just a few more minutes of blissful family life. 

And, later that night, while the kids were sleeping soundly in their beds, and we were turning out our light, I chuckled to the hubs "You did yoga right on top of the baby. totally yoga'd her."

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Similarity Stops Here

I've caught myself comparing my kids to one another a lot recently, and it bothers me.  It REALLY bothers me.  I don't want to start a pattern where Chloe is always being compared to her big sister.  I'm afraid it will mean a lifetime of feeling like she does not measure up, or on the flip side, it will make Camdyn feel her baby sister does no wrong. 

The whole comparison thing starts out pretty harmlessly.  I mean, from birth, it's hard not to compare them physically.  They are twins separated by 3.2 years.  The similarity at this age is almost creepy.  And, yes, I dressed Chloe in the same nightgown in an effort to recreate the image of Camdyn, but I had to because they are totally twinies.

I told ya it was freaky.

And, then Chloe started to grow, kinda, at a really slow and petite pace and I was amazed at how two kids from the same gene pool could be so vastly different in appetite and sleep habits.  Camdyn was a 95th %tile baby the whole way, Chloe, well, she's in the 5th.  Camdyn would eat forever, she never got full and she would never refuse food.  Chloe doesn't eat when she's not hungry and she never ate around the clock, even as a newbie. 

Here they are wearing the same outfit.  We call this the lettuce leaf hat, because on Camdyn's round head it totally makes her look like a head of lettuce, which I HEART BIGTIME.  Chloe is 4 months old in this outfit, therefore the cute expression on her face.  Camdyn is 8 weeks old, therefore, the blank stare. 

And then Chloe started hitting her milestones, teething, sitting, crawling, 1st foods, standing, weaning, walking and the comparisons continue.  The comparisons seem so harmless at this age, but I wonder, at what age do they start making a dent?  Do, I have this issue simply because I have two girls or do parents of different gender siblings face the same challenge?

I don't know, maybe I need to read a book on the topic or something.  How to raise each child like they are an only child, or something along those lines.... Or, maybe I just need to shut my cake hole and stop myself from uttering comparisons to friends and strangers who pose the questions.

The one thing I know for sure, is that I want both of my girls to embrace their differences and to feel loved and appreciated for the individuals that they are.  And, I really, really, really, hope that they grow up to be BFFs. 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bokeh Bokeh Bokeh

Remember this post where I so discretely gave the hubs options for Mother's Day?  Well, he took the hint with all the graciousness in the world and promptly emailed me the shipping confirmation a mere 20 minutes after I posted my options.  I guess he didn't even want me to think he was considering option number 2.  And, yes, Momma gets what Momma wants, sometimes, mostly, almost never, but usually.

I couldn't wait to get home and try out my new lens.  So, that is exactly what I did on Mother's day.  It was a gorgeous sunny day, but too hot, and the baby had just clonked her head (the hubs wants it noted that she did this under my watch and upon my return from the trip he handed over a perfectly in tact, healthy, happy baby, with not a scratch or bruise on her - yay for daddy) and for some reason I didn't take one picture that was worth a damn. 

Yesterday, at the park I decided to give it another shot.  It's cloudy, but not as hot, and for some reason when my kids are playing with other kids (unlike Sunday) they don't mind my lens in their faces quite so much. 

Now, for all of your photography lame-o's (and I am one of you), you probably don't get the title of this post, or the point of my new lens.  So, let's visit Wikipedia, shall we?  Since you are my hostage, here goes:

In photography, bokeh is the blur, or the aesthetic quality of the blur, in out-of-focus areas of an image, or "the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light."

Basically, my new lens has a wicked blur factor.  It's best for portraits which I think will come in hella handy with my rugrats, oh, and it is really fast, like amazing shutter speed!  COOL, huh?  Although, these pictures aren't crazy good, they did allow me to explore my lens a little.

Cuteness and Picture Commentary Straight Ahead (or below, if you wanna get technical)

Baby Girl is now saying "What's This?"  Only it sounds like "WHAZZ-IZZ." She points and repeats it over and over until you finally tell her what it is that she is looking at.  This morning, on our way to school she did this over a squirrel, and yes, I promptly told her "That's a tree rat."  

One of the best things about bringing my camera to the park is that I get to take pictures of Becky's kids, who are ridiculously adorable, and so photogenic, and even when I don't get one good picture of my kids, I almost always get one of hers. 

Counter Clockwise from the top:
1) Becky says "Give each other a kiss" So, the girls lean in, I fumble for my camera, and they give each other a giant princess style, when Harry met Sally, kinda kiss on the lips.  It was seriously 3 seconds long, so how I missed it with my super fast camera is beyond me.  But, I did.  And, what I show you here, is Camdyn pulling away with her lips still puckered and Madison beaming with joy.  Becky meant a kiss on the cheek, but they are totally besties, and they can kiss however they want to.
2) Madie playing on the slide and just looking gorgeous because she is
3) Cam hugging Madison, because even though they fight they really love each other to the moon and back
4) Just adorable

And then we have babies, who are going to grow up and get married, because they just have to.  And because Becky and I need to be related so that our married kids can say that they have the best in-laws EVA.  And so that Madie and Cam can be sisters... in law style.  So, it's all been worked out.

Counter Clockwise because my mind goes backwards like that:
1) The man child looking pensive and adorable and like he just walked out of an Abercrombie catalog.  Seriously, the child has great genes.
2) Ladybug buns.  I just love it.  And now that she is walking and you can see it, it's so cute! And, her little PediPed shoes that I bought at a consignment shop, brand new, never worn, for $8 are hella cute too!
3) All that hair.  We are so jealous.  I mean seriously, is Chloe ever going to grow some hair.  Bald is beautiful, though.  Oh, and the Bokeh in this picture is working...
4) Miss Belle was having great fun throwing acorns and mulch down her onsie and then asking "Whazzz IZZZ?"  So, we'd help her fish them out and then she would do it again.  It probably won't be long until Sawyer is offering to help with that ::snicker::

So, if you take nothing else from the 2 minutes you spent here today.  At least you saw some damn cute kids and you learned the word "Bokeh."  And in the styling of my 4th grade teacher, Miss Key, "Now, go forth and and use it in a sentence."

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Trip - Spotlight

We are back from our trip to "Illi-norf" and it basically shook down like this:

Wednesday - PM
It's okay Cam, you can sleep in the car, we have an hour drive to the airport
Seriously, you can sleep (please sleep)
Do you think you can roll that suitcase by yourself?  Ok.  Good job.
How did you think you were going to manage 2 carry-on suitcases down the aisle, along with 2 carry-on bags?  You're an idiot.  You should've paid the $40 to check a bag.
You want me to draw you a picture of a horse? Ok.  I can manage that.  Maybe not.

Hi Mom!  Thanks for pickin us up
No, Cam, there isn't any snow because it isn't winter.  I know you think there should always be snow in Illinorf, but it doesn't snow here in the spring.  I know, kiddo.  Please don't cry.
Love being home.
Bed - Sleeping in my childhood bed with my kid is just weird.  It's always weird.

Ugh.  The sun rises in Illi at 5:30 am, note to self to cover that window with a blanket.
Cam - go see Gramma.  Momma needs more sleep
I need coffee.
Drop Cam off at the Step Sister's house.  Don't worry, she's a nice step sister, not like a Cinderella Step Sister
Drive to the hospital
Gee, Dad.  You look like shit.
Pick up the kid
No, we can not bring one of those cats home.  Kenzie would kill a cat.
Head to the school
Why is Cam so shy?  Oh, 26 3rd graders eyeballin her.  Guess I would be too.  Have a seat in Gramma's class Cam

That was nice of Emma to give you her glasses. 
Finally, she's outta her shell.  That's the Cam I know.

I know you love that class, sweetie.  We'll come back another day.
Back to the hospital
Yay - Uncle Choco is here.  I need a pic.  Cute.

I can't take a pic of you dad.  I just can't.  It's not how I want to remember you.
Out to dinner.
Melanie is awesome.  I hope she sticks around.
Go to bed on time for Gramma, Momma is going out for a bit
Oh, I almost forgot to hang up that blanket.  There that's better. 
Good to see you, Justin. 
This place never changes.
How come I don't recognize anyone.  Strange?
It's 11.  I'm tired.
If only I could snuggle her in bed every night

It's 7:30.  That's better.  The blanket helped.  Coffee.  Please.
It's cold.  What month is it?  May.  Huh.
Looking better, but you still look like shit. Going home?  Wow.  Okay.  See ya at home later.
Gotta squeeze something fun in here.  Oh, I know.  Monkey Joes.

I wish I could bounce.  Why won't they let adults bounce.  I need to get my energy out too. At least she is having fun.
Why didn't I bring a jacket? 
Momma's favorite fast food

Mall?  Why, I'd love to.  Fannie Mae is havin' a sale.  Yes, I will have 2 lbs of chocolate please.  Why do I do this to myself?
Gramma let's go shoppin.  Ahhh, like the old days.  I've missed this.  It's so nice to shop without kids.
I haven't bought this much Brighton at one time - EVER!  Retail works.
Cam Momma will be back later.  Go to bed on time for Gramma.
You look better at home, dad.  You can sleep.  I just want to stare at you and remember what you look like
Why is this so exhausting?

It's wake up time.
Yes, Cam.  I know you Miss your Baby Chloe.  We are taking the airplane home tonight.
Wow.  It's really cold. Can I borrow a sweater mom?  It's freezing here.  Are the plants going to die?
Swedish are they so thin but they make me feel so full?
I need a nap
I should pack
Let's visit Dad one last time
Seriously, dad.  I want to come home and visit you again, alive.  Did you hear me?  Please.  Alive.  Make good choices.
Cam needs to get her energy out.  Oh, you bought her roller skates?  Let's try it even though it is 41 degrees out and it's May

Hold on to her.  She's not wearin a helmet
Dang it's cold
Okay, let me try.  She needs to go faster on those plastic wheels

That's better.  We should go soon.
One more picture in those crazy skates
It's too cold here for me

Let's grab dinner.
Maybe the lemonade was a bad idea.  Seriously, Cam.  Control yourself.
What?  You'll let me check a bag for free.  Abso-freakin'-lute-ly!
Are you really gunna make Momma do the hokey-pokey in the middle of the airport?
You too Gramma, join the fun, it's dancing time
That was kina fun.  Glad there aren't any pictures of that.
At least the flight is on time
This is so much easier with one suitcase
You have to go to the bathroom?  Maybe the lemonade an hour before takeoff was a bad idea.
Dang these Twinkle Toes the plane looks like a disco.
Watch your movie, Momma needs to rest her eyes.
You have to go to the bathroom, again? Geez kiddo.
Hello strobe light shoes, wake up everybody at the back of the plane, Cam has to pee.
Palm trees, water, 85 degrees, humidity, I missed you.
I'll wake you up when we get there Camdyn.
Home, really home.
I hope Chloe wakes up so that I can see her
Ahhh.  Sweet baby.  I've missed you so much.