Monday, May 3, 2010

The Weekend Spotlight

It went like this:
Left work at 1:30 on Friday.  Yes, I work part-time and it is like that.
Malled it.  Didn't buy anything.  Sux.  Shopping alone and no motivation to try on.  Where are my girlfriends when you need them?
Made a meatloaf.  Yes, I cooked.  Should have added more oregano, it wasn't my best loaf ever 
Picked up the chitlins from school and had a picnic lunch at the park.
Girls played well together, then Elizabeth showed up...with her sister.  Combination makes me nervous.  We leave early.
Ate that meat loaf
Did the bedtime thing

Woke up to kids and coffee...wheeeee!
Played with the kids all morning
Booked a flight to Chi town
To the mall for's 90 degrees out.  Buy things.  How is it that I manage to try on and buy with the whole family, but don't on my own.  Weird.
Target time
Went to a bday party at Bounce -U.  Love that place and hate it at the same time. 
Went down the giant slide with Cam and rolled on top of her at the bottom.  I almost killed her, she loved it.  Never gunna do that again.
Ate cardboard pizza, let Chloe try some cake
Bedtime/Bathtime....both kids out by 7:30
Call from the Bestie....Stinky Dave blows, keep your chin up.
Hubs orders a movie on demand "Men Who Stare at Goats"  WTH?  His choice, not mine.  The whole movie was a big ?  We watched 45 min.

Woke up to kids and coffee
Took the girls to church for Hallelujahs; Chloe was happy in the nursery for a change, Chris stayed home to do P90X yoga...he said church would have been more fun.
Sing, pray, laugh, cry a little
Finish the Goat movie....seriously, we watched until the end.  Crazy how George Clooney thought that was a good idea....
BBQ at my house 3:30
Clean, Clean, Clean.  Nothing like company to motivate me to finally scrub a toilet
Mama needs some sweet tea, make that a half and half...I'm trying to watch my sugar.
Friends come over - awesome good time
Pool Time; pool is nice....warm....finally.  Chloe loves it, Cam has a hard time sharing
Food, hotdogs, sausage on the grill....yum....I didn't cook, but I did slice some fruit and open a beer
Chloe loves guacamole and baked beans (we'll pay for this later)
Thanks for coming - it was a blast
Ride bikes around the block
Cam's favorite part of the day "Going to Church" (that's my girl)
Baked Cookies.  I just had to.  So much for watching my sugar.
Prep for Monday
Fold Laundry
Desperate Housewives....why do I still watch that show?
Chloe up at 10:30 screaming...pain....guacamole?
Chloe up at 4:00 screaming...pain....gas...baked beans?  Yeah bad combo, won't do that again....

Hello Monday Morning!

So, there you have it.  A slow weekend compared to the usual.  The hot and lazy days of summer are slowly creeping in.  I didn't take one picture the entire weekend, but, I did manage to charge my video camera. 


Liz & Jim Johnson said...

Love that weekend wrap up. Sounds like you had fun, even though it was low key. And I agree. Stinky Dave BLOWS!

Kate West said...

I like this stream-of-consciousness post. Lol. It's exactly how my day goes in my mind. I sometimes wonder what my husband would think if he saw something like this down on paper.