Monday, May 10, 2010

The Trip - Spotlight

We are back from our trip to "Illi-norf" and it basically shook down like this:

Wednesday - PM
It's okay Cam, you can sleep in the car, we have an hour drive to the airport
Seriously, you can sleep (please sleep)
Do you think you can roll that suitcase by yourself?  Ok.  Good job.
How did you think you were going to manage 2 carry-on suitcases down the aisle, along with 2 carry-on bags?  You're an idiot.  You should've paid the $40 to check a bag.
You want me to draw you a picture of a horse? Ok.  I can manage that.  Maybe not.

Hi Mom!  Thanks for pickin us up
No, Cam, there isn't any snow because it isn't winter.  I know you think there should always be snow in Illinorf, but it doesn't snow here in the spring.  I know, kiddo.  Please don't cry.
Love being home.
Bed - Sleeping in my childhood bed with my kid is just weird.  It's always weird.

Ugh.  The sun rises in Illi at 5:30 am, note to self to cover that window with a blanket.
Cam - go see Gramma.  Momma needs more sleep
I need coffee.
Drop Cam off at the Step Sister's house.  Don't worry, she's a nice step sister, not like a Cinderella Step Sister
Drive to the hospital
Gee, Dad.  You look like shit.
Pick up the kid
No, we can not bring one of those cats home.  Kenzie would kill a cat.
Head to the school
Why is Cam so shy?  Oh, 26 3rd graders eyeballin her.  Guess I would be too.  Have a seat in Gramma's class Cam

That was nice of Emma to give you her glasses. 
Finally, she's outta her shell.  That's the Cam I know.

I know you love that class, sweetie.  We'll come back another day.
Back to the hospital
Yay - Uncle Choco is here.  I need a pic.  Cute.

I can't take a pic of you dad.  I just can't.  It's not how I want to remember you.
Out to dinner.
Melanie is awesome.  I hope she sticks around.
Go to bed on time for Gramma, Momma is going out for a bit
Oh, I almost forgot to hang up that blanket.  There that's better. 
Good to see you, Justin. 
This place never changes.
How come I don't recognize anyone.  Strange?
It's 11.  I'm tired.
If only I could snuggle her in bed every night

It's 7:30.  That's better.  The blanket helped.  Coffee.  Please.
It's cold.  What month is it?  May.  Huh.
Looking better, but you still look like shit. Going home?  Wow.  Okay.  See ya at home later.
Gotta squeeze something fun in here.  Oh, I know.  Monkey Joes.

I wish I could bounce.  Why won't they let adults bounce.  I need to get my energy out too. At least she is having fun.
Why didn't I bring a jacket? 
Momma's favorite fast food

Mall?  Why, I'd love to.  Fannie Mae is havin' a sale.  Yes, I will have 2 lbs of chocolate please.  Why do I do this to myself?
Gramma let's go shoppin.  Ahhh, like the old days.  I've missed this.  It's so nice to shop without kids.
I haven't bought this much Brighton at one time - EVER!  Retail works.
Cam Momma will be back later.  Go to bed on time for Gramma.
You look better at home, dad.  You can sleep.  I just want to stare at you and remember what you look like
Why is this so exhausting?

It's wake up time.
Yes, Cam.  I know you Miss your Baby Chloe.  We are taking the airplane home tonight.
Wow.  It's really cold. Can I borrow a sweater mom?  It's freezing here.  Are the plants going to die?
Swedish are they so thin but they make me feel so full?
I need a nap
I should pack
Let's visit Dad one last time
Seriously, dad.  I want to come home and visit you again, alive.  Did you hear me?  Please.  Alive.  Make good choices.
Cam needs to get her energy out.  Oh, you bought her roller skates?  Let's try it even though it is 41 degrees out and it's May

Hold on to her.  She's not wearin a helmet
Dang it's cold
Okay, let me try.  She needs to go faster on those plastic wheels

That's better.  We should go soon.
One more picture in those crazy skates
It's too cold here for me

Let's grab dinner.
Maybe the lemonade was a bad idea.  Seriously, Cam.  Control yourself.
What?  You'll let me check a bag for free.  Abso-freakin'-lute-ly!
Are you really gunna make Momma do the hokey-pokey in the middle of the airport?
You too Gramma, join the fun, it's dancing time
That was kina fun.  Glad there aren't any pictures of that.
At least the flight is on time
This is so much easier with one suitcase
You have to go to the bathroom?  Maybe the lemonade an hour before takeoff was a bad idea.
Dang these Twinkle Toes the plane looks like a disco.
Watch your movie, Momma needs to rest her eyes.
You have to go to the bathroom, again? Geez kiddo.
Hello strobe light shoes, wake up everybody at the back of the plane, Cam has to pee.
Palm trees, water, 85 degrees, humidity, I missed you.
I'll wake you up when we get there Camdyn.
Home, really home.
I hope Chloe wakes up so that I can see her
Ahhh.  Sweet baby.  I've missed you so much.


Liz & Jim Johnson said...

I love the roller skates! Those are too cute.... I'm glad you enjoyed a nice visit with your Mom and Bob. Hopefully your Dad stays healthy and makes the right choices with his family in mind. I'll be praying for him.

Kate said...

I love how you wrote this post, Carol, and I'm totally gonna steal it from you some time.

I hope the best for your dad.