I received a Canon Rebel T1i for my birthday in October 2009. Initally I wanted the camera for the shutter speed, so I wouldn't miss the shot with my little girls.

I've since discovered a whole new world through my lens and a rapidly increasing appreciation and love for photography.

I am a novice, I enjoy navigating the world of photography and editing. I'm a Lightroom user, with the hopes of one day breaking through my Photoshop mental block (I'm so intimidated by that program). I have no intention of being a Professional photographer, but just want to be the best photographer I can be for me. Although, I do love the opportunity to shoot whenever someone asks :)

I've learned oodles and oodles through Simplicity's online classes.

And through Bridgette who is the talent behind Slice of Life Photography and mentors and challenges me in a way that only a real life friend ever could. 

And, I've enjoyed meeting other photographers and gaining inspiration by participating in photo challenges.

The Paper Mama

The Paper Mama

The Paper Mama



I mostly shoot with my 50mm 1.8, and am hoping to add a 85mm or a 35mm lens to my collection soon!

I appreciate constructive criticism, photography resources, and mentoring. 

Happy Shooting!