Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pomp and Circumstance - Kindergarten Style

It seems like just yesterday that I snapped these photos of Camdyn on her first day of Kindergarten.  She was so happy she was glowing and not a tear was shed as her Daddy and I kissed her goodbye that morning in her classroom. 

And now, here we sit at the end of May, the end of the school year approaching like a freight train. 

Kindergarten is nearly over. 

She grew up immensely this past year...and she had a ton of fun doing it. 
Come to think of it...we all grew up immensely this year. 

Where she began to lay the groundwork for good work habits, study skills, and focus.  I began to lay the groundwork for personal happiness, goals, and a functional family.




Where she declared victory for earning 20 reading counts points and getting her picture on the tree in the media center, I declared my own personal victory.  I am happier than I was before...maybe not every day, but in general I am happier and healthier. 


I told you.  :)

Where she did gem mining and learned about rocks.  I moved rocks too.  Actually, more like big chunks of concrete.  I took a long hard look in the mirror and I made changes.  Changes that make my life better and more active.  Changes that put priorities in order. 

She learned about rocks with the help of a guide.  I moved mine with the help of dozens; friends, pastors, therapists, my family and God.  It takes a lot of people, and a lot of power to move big rocks, but I am doing it....steadily and with help.

And throughout the year, she continued with her riding lessons.  She's posting like a pro, she's jumping rails and still looking forward to every lesson.  She's found her passion.  We've rediscovered ours.

It's up and it's down.  It's life. 

And friendships make it easier.

Maybe it really is true, that everything you need to know, you learn in Kindergarten. 
It's been a year of learning for all of us.

Last night Camdyn graduated from Kindergarten.  We are so proud of all her accomplishments this year.  She's grown, she's changed, but she's still our energetic, exuberant little girl.   


A little girl who has learned the trick of an "open mouth smile" from her Momma.
 Open Mouth Smile = Super Happy and Copious Amounts of FUN!

In celebration, we had yogurt at OrangeLeaf after the ceremony....nothing says celebration like ice cream with any topping your heart desires!


Please hang with this wiggly and over-zoomed video until the 3:10 mark.  It'll be worth the giggle.  Promise. (Taylor Swift Cam is in the back row)

I am so proud of you, Cam!  I'm hoping that first grade brings a whole lot of sunshine with it. 

Love you!
Forever n Always,

Friday, May 4, 2012

-Working On- One

It's been awhile, months actually.  Months since I charged up the battery, loaded my backpack and set out to shoot for someone else.    It felt good...normal and natural.  And normal is something that I cling to almost as fervently as hope and faith. 

45 minutes we spent on the hill, a family of 3 and me.  He's turning one.


Twelve months of sleepless nights, soothing, and worrying, are going to be celebrated.  But more importantly, twelve months of undeniable joy.  Joy in looking in to eyes that you recognize as your own, joy at first smiles, first steps, and milestone moments that happen nearly every day.  Joy in realizing that this little tiny human is fulfilling your purpose in life.


Realizing they aren't just our future, they are also part of our past; soaking up and absorbing all of our traditions and experiences.  They are living pieces of us, a record of our life experiences and the roads we traveled.   They are everything we will them to be. 

Yes.  I remember first birthdays.