Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Letter to Miss Belle - 14 months

My Sweet Belle,
It's been 14 months since you came screaming into our lives.  It's hard to believe how quickly that time evaporated and how much you have changed.  Rides in the car are now enjoyable as you reserve your five-alarm scream for times when you are truly upset.  Your shrieks, giggles, and belly laughs consume most of your day along with your ever expanding vocabulary.  Your first word was "uh oh" and since then you've added, momma, dada, dog (doh), cat, book (booh), banana (na-nuh), shoes (sheesh), more (mo) and your first phrase, what's this (whaaz izzz). 

You love to play "I'm gonna get you" and you laugh from your soul as I chase behind you.  Sometimes I like to hide behind a door just so that I can pop out and startle you.  You scream like a grown woman and then you break in to the most glorious laugh.  You love it, which cracks me up, because I don't think I would find it very funny if daddy did that to me all the time.

You are becoming so confident in your toddle and at times you want to move faster than your tiny baby legs will let you.  You are insisting on walking everywhere we go just like your big sissy and we are happy to let you explore your new found independence.  I realize it won't be long until you are running and skipping right along side her. 

You are my binkie and blankie baby, and I love it when you walk around the house dragging your blanket behind you.  And, when you are really tired, you lay down on the floor with it as if to snuggle down for the night right there.  You are a daddy's girl already, and for this I'm forever grateful.  The sight of you snuggled up against his chest melts my heart.  You are getting so big, although you still look tiny in his arms.  Those are moments that I want to remember forever.

> You have 5 teeth; 2 on top, and 3 on the bottom
> Cheese is the only thing you do not like to eat
> You are finally drinking milk
> You weigh 19.2 lbs and have finally graduated to stage 3 diapers
> Most of your clothes are size 6-12 months, although, you are long, so onsies are 12-18 months.
> You love cars, trucks and things that roll
> Watching you play My Little Pony with sissy in the bathtub melts my heart
>  You love the dog to the point of abuse; you hang on her, pull her fur, and squeal with delight.  She doesn't mind, thankfully
>  You love car rides and often pass toys back and forth with sissy; you still sit backwards and you don't seem to mind
> You sleep 11 hours at night and often wake up screaming after 2-3 hours; you scream until we place you back in your crib and then you sleep peacefully until daybreak
> You give the most wonderful hugs

What I wish for you, my sweet Belle, is that you use that voice of yours and that you stand up for what you believe in.  That you continue to communicate with the world and that you never feel like you need to hide within your own skin.  That we will have a relationship that is open and honest and that you never feel like I will judge the choices you make in your life.  I believe communication will be your gift, as you are very vocal about your likes and your dislikes, and you always have been.  I hope you use that gift for the good.

I hope you grow up to be proud of who your are and how you are being raised and that our home is always a safe spot for you.  And sweet baby, I hope you know how much you are wanted and adored.  So, scream on sweet baby, giggle with joy, and let the whole world know that you are a gift from God.  You are a tiny blessing and you complete our family.  You make our world perfect.

Love Always,


Krista said...

This post just melted my heart! So beautiful - the love for your sweet little angel just oozes out of the screen!

Thanks for stopping by. :) I'm your newest follower!

Alysha said...

thanks for stopping by! What a sweet little girl! I love your blog! I cant wait to read more! :)

EZ said...

I just got the biggest smile when I was reading the part about chasing her around the house! This was a beautiful post!

Liz said...

I love the way you did the pictures for this post. They are so sweet and have the "old" feel to them! Can't wait to see those girls!!!

LeeAnn said...

Awwww. So sweet! She is a little one like my daughter. Rylie wasn't even 19 pounds at a year old.

I love watching my kids play in the bathtub too. How fun to have two so close together!!!