Monday, May 17, 2010

My Love Tank

Have you ever woke up on a Saturday morning and thought that life was just as it should be?  That's what happened to me this past Saturday, and it was heavenly.  I woke up, unprovoked (sans alarm clock, barking dog, crying kid, frustrated husband).  The kids were happily playing with daddy, the coffee was brewing, and things seemed that they were just as they should be, and believe you -me, I soaked it in, because these moments are rare in my life. 

I grabbed my coffee, put baby down for her morning nap, and settled in next to Cam on the lanai (big screened in porch that contains the pool and is indigenous to the state we live in, for all of you northerners).  She played with her barbies, I soaked in the view and listened to the birds (cue Golden Girls theme song) and then daddy delivered breakfast to me. Say Whaaa?

So, we slowly started our day, and when baby woke up from her nap, we put on our swimmies and headed downtown to the Marina.

Somehow this view just never gets old

The girls had their swimsuits on and geared up for some water fun in the fountains.  This was Chloe's first experience and boy, did daddy watch her like a hawk.  She loved it, and I snapped some pics with my zoom lens from way on top of the fun.  There was no way I was takin' my camera anywhere near all those rugrats and water.  Initially, Cam wanted to stay home.  She wanted to swim in her own pool, where there is "lots of water" and she can swim under the water, but when we got there, she pulled out her horsies and a bucket and ended up having a great time.

And then after the soakin' good time, we swapped lenses and took some family photos in front of a giant yacht, which I wish I owned, but then again, I am a claustrophobic nut job about boats and water, so that probably wouldn't work out so swell.  It made for a sweet picture, though.  Check out Cam in my shades!  She asked to wear them, and she just might be the raddest, tooth missin', 4 year old ever.  BTW, she has 2 more super wiggly teeth in her head, so man, she's gonna look crazy!

and, then, the babies napped like they had never napped before, and the hubs and I watched Wyatt Earp (why, I dunno no, it was on tv so we watched it, and it was actually kinda entertaining) and the peace continued well in to the evening. 

I think sometimes God knows that I need a break.  That I need a moment to soak in my life, the daily miracles, and all of my blessings.  An opportunity to peacefully put things in perspective.  To realize that God doesn't make mistakes and that the world with all of its stresses and joys is exactly the way it should be.  I had that on Saturday.  It was refreshing.  And now that my love tank is full, I can continue on for the next 362 days until a day like this happens again. 


Gretchen said...

Perhaps a silly question ... but how do you create the block photos? Is there a specific program or website?

Carol said... is every bloggers dream. It's FREE, although you can pay $24.95 for a year membership in order to access more features. You can load 5 pics at a time for free, edit them, and make cute little collages like the ones I used here. Try it, you'll love it, and then you'll splurge on the membership like I did :)