Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Twinkle Toes

And Chloe's 1st steps happened like this:

It's about 5 pm on Tuesday, April 13th. As I round the corner to Chloe's classroom, I hear all of these adorable baby squeals. It took me a moment to decipher, are these happy noises or angry noises? Okay, she's happy. So, I enter the classroom and it takes a moment for me to spot her little bald head. There she is! She is standing up and holding on to the toy shelf. So, I say, "Hi! Miss Belle!" She squawks with delight and begins to creep down the shelf as fast as she can. Now, I decided I would make her come to me, so I stop and squat just a few feet from the corner of the shelf. I hold out my hands, and before I know it, she is walking! Straight to me! With arms out to the side for balance, and legs spread out as far as they can be! I squeal with giddiness, as does Chloe, and her teacher. I asked, "has she been doing this all day?" Nope. Those were really her first steps! Ahhhh.

Chloe took her first steps in the adorable Minnie Mouse onesie that we bought her at Disney. On the front, there is a picture of Minnie and the words "Twinkle Toes." How fitting. So, although Chloe's 1st steps did not happen in the bathroom, next to the bathtub, they did happen in this little outfit, and I did get them on video later that night. For some strange reason blogger won't let me upload it, I'll keep trying.

As an update: This past weekend Chloe began taking steps to nowhere. She would sit in the adorable PBK chair that Gramma gave to her, then she would stand up, and she would just walk off in the direction of no one. No, coaxing, or googling needed. It's so strange to watch this petite little thing set off on 2 tiny baby legs. Toddlerhood is really just around the corner.

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Anonymous said...

Yay!!! What a huge milestone and how exciting that you were actually there to witness it as it happened! That has to be a most wonderful feeling and thing to see!