Tuesday, April 6, 2010


He is risen! In some ways we celebrated this Easter as we normally do, and in some ways, we broke the mold. We went to church as usual, but this year, we had Gramma here to accompany us. We enjoyed the service, broke the bread, and then headed home to wait for the Easter Bunny. This is the first year that we didn't celebrate Easter in the company of friends. In years past, that has always made this town feel more like home, but it turns out that we didn't really need that in order to feel at home this year. Maybe it's the arrival of Chloe, or maybe it was the company of my mom, but we stayed at home this year and planned our own festivities and the day was picture perfect.

The Easter Bunny visited and hid baskets for the girls, and he also hid 50 eggs around our yard. Camdyn had a blast on her egg hunt, and even helped Chloe collect all of her eggs.

Chloe's eggs were in the shape of animals, so that we could tell them apart. Camdyn collected them all for her and then placed them in Chloe's basket. At the end of the hunt, Camdyn looked at her basket and then at Chloe's basket and said, "Mama the Easter Bunny didn't leave Chloe enough eggs. I have too many and she just has a little." I told her that is because Chloe is little. So, cute that she was upset that Chloe didn't have as many as she did. What a great big sister!

Adore the pottery barn kids personalized basket liners. We took some cutie pie pictures with these. Chloe's Easter dress should have been size 6-9 months....this thing is huge! Notice the arm holes are down to her waist! I guess she'll be able to wear it for awhile ::sigh:: The bows are courtesy of Lux Babies. They make the most adorable bows and she does custom bows too, like this one. If you want to get one click HERE
I originally purchased them to go with the girls' Chargers Football gear, but I thought they worked okay with the Easter ensemble too! Camdyn wore hers to church and then traded it for the pink flower after nap time - oye.

Okay, so I'm a busy mama, and I didn't have the time to crop out my foot. But, the picture is still adorable. If only Camdyn had chosen a different hair bow/flower. Freedom of expression, right? She did hold up matching/coordinating eggs, though.

This is my favorite picture. If you pay attention to detail, not only is Camdyn holding one of Chloe's yellow eggs, but Chloe is also holding a yellow egg in the background. CUTE!

We followed the egg hunt with a steak and potatoes meal (had to make Gramma feel at home, so she needed a good Midwestern meal) and then a bike ride around the block. All the while, remembering that this is the day that He Rose Up, or as Cam says, "Jesus woke up!"

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Liz & Jim Johnson said...

These pictures are awesome!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dresses too. They are perfect! You are really getting good with the new camera.... I wish I had mine on Easter, but its packed away in a box... for now. :)