Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A new Word on Wednesday

I interrupt wordless Wednesday this week to bring you One New Word Wednesday, courtesy of Cammer.  Now the back story:

Did you ever wonder at what age kids started demanding certain brands, or styles of clothing?  I did.  I thought I would be able to dress my girls however I liked until they were at least 6 or 7 years old.  After that, I figured they would succumb to peer pressure and demand certain brands in order to fit in with their peers and begin to exert their own taste in fashion.  Well, I was hella wrong, cause the age that starts is 4!  The other day, Cam pointed out a number of little girls in her class that have Twinkle Toe shoes.  She jumped up and down and begged for a pair of those shoes.  She even dragged me in front of the TV one morning to watch a commercial about Twinkle Toes (made by Sketchers).  Well, the child has feet that grow faster than the stink in the diaper pail, and she needed new shoes.  So, meh.  Why not?  The store did not have them in her size, so we ordered them and we picked them up last night.

Cute, right?  And the toes light up when she walks.  Annoying, but cute, right?  And since this store has a buy one get one 50 policy, we couldn't leave out Miss Bellie Boo.

She can't even walk in shoes with a sole like this, but one day she will.  They are so tiny, and so cute, oh, and they light up too!  We put them on her last night and they totally look like clown shoes on her wittle feet.  She'll grow in to them by summer.

I almost forgot my point.  The word.  On the way home from the mall, Cam says, "Mom, my Twinkle Toes are sooooo PUTE!"  Pute?  Huh?  In all of her sass and splendor she explains, "PUTE.  You know, Cute, and Pretty at the same time."  Oh.  I get it.  I didn't realize a 4 year old could be that clever.  And now I feel like a hip momma clued in on four year-old lingo.  Add that one Urban Dictionary.

And one more thing, Cam did not go to bed on time last night, so her brand new precious shoes are sitting on top of our bureau today along with her TV which was also removed from her bedroom.  She'll have to earn the right to wear these bad boys.  And no, we aren't going to buy her everything her little heart desires, as hard as that might be.


Tiffany said...

If my seven yo was a girl---oh so cute!

p.s. I think your link is going to my old website - if you want to update it's now. Thanks darlin'!!!

Liz & Jim Johnson said...

All the joys of having a girl... I think they are more into "brand" than boys. Those shoes are super cute though.... Can't wait to see a pic of both girls wearin' them!