Monday, April 5, 2010

Da Hubs

This is the hubs, in his true form. Besides mentioning him here or there, I really haven't blogged much about his awesomeness, and I totally should.
I tend to be a nit-picker and an eye roller and I probably don't give him the kudos he deserves. Like any good daddy, he puts his girls (yes, all 4 of us - dog included) ahead of himself. He puts in long hours, he's an awesome provider, and he invests his time in us. Sure, there are probably 100 things he would have rather done on Saturday morning than attend, yet another, birthday party. But, he was there, and he LOVED it (or did a really good job pretending he did). Yes, that is him there with a spider man mask atop his head, and a real smile on his face. He looks like he is having fun and so do Madie and Cam. I love, love, love, how both of their arms are hanging in the same way, and they both have huge smiles on their faces. Good job, Mr. Chris! Ohhh, and did I mention that he is strong?

Last night, after Easter dinner, Chris began to clear the table and my mom and I sat on the Lanai and enjoyed the weather and each other's company. After 10 minutes or so my mom saw Chris through the kitchen window and said, "Does he always clean up like this?" Um.....(crickets....crickets).....Yes. Usually, mostly, okay, well, sometimes I do it ::stamps foot:: But yes, the man does more than his share of household duties. I don't know if I am ashamed to admit that or proud that he does it. It's not like I never clean or do a load of laundry, but this man's mama taught him well. Instead of complaining that he has no boxers to wear tomorrow, he throws a load of laundry in by himself. Maybe I'm spoiled, but that's the way it works in my house. He helps with the grocery shopping and the errand running and has even purchased items on my behalf that no man would ever want to witness rolling down the belt at Target ::snicker::.
But, don't get me wrong, he's a mans man, and he's no push over. I do not wear the pants in our family and Chris is not a walking door mat (like I tend to be). He doesn't get pushed around by anybody and he'll tell you like it is. For example, It's Easter Sunday, and the parking lot at church is jammed with hundreds and hundreds of cars that usually aren't there. I actually think more people come out for Easter Service than Xmas Eve service.... Anyway, we were log jammed for 5 min, and Chloe was crying in the back seat, so I get out of my car to figure out why in the world we aren't moving. It turns out that SOMEONE parked in the lane of traffic. Smooooth. So, my hubby takes it upon himself (in his most Christian moment of the week) and leaves a note on the offending car. It said, "Are you stupid? Seriously. Nice Parking. Idiot." It was Easter ya'll! So, I didn't necessarily approve of that, but at the same time, I gotta hand it to a man that speaks his mind (that is so not my style). So, I guess like yin and yang, we kinda balance out and it makes the whole thing work. I'm thankful for that (and I was able to find humor in the note - I hope the poor schmuck who received it did too). I have a feeling that
Camdyn and Chloe are going to really despise this trait in him when they begin dating. I mean, this daddy is going to be hard to crack.
He's a complicated man, an awesome daddy, and I'm proud that I can refer to him as "da hubs."
Psshhh, he even does matchy matchy with baby Chloe. Lovies!

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Kate said...

Sorry, but the Easter parking story cracks me up!