Friday, April 9, 2010

Ruffle Butt

I love me some Ruffle Butts! Seriously, if you have a baby girl, you have to checky checky these out. Chloe actually got this diaper cover from her Auntie Liz before she was born. I thought it was way cuter than the royal blue one that went with her Easter dress, so she wore this one under her dress instead. In order to enjoy it, the dress had to come off (it was warm in the house anyway) and we let Chloe scoot about in all of her Ruffle Butt cuteness!

Chloe is doing this super-dramatic baby roll where she flings herself down on the floor, then rolls on her back and then kicks her legs up and down and squeals with excitement. It's hella cute and completely dramatic!

This is the actual Ruffle Butts ensemble that Chloe received as a gift from her Auntie Liz on her 1st birthday. We just wanted to try on the top to see if it fits (size 6-12 months) and it does...totally! And will probably fit all summer long. Whoo hoo! The little ruffle butt diaper cover that goes with it is so cute I can't stand it. If you wanna see it or order one,CLICKY

Of course, Liz had this personalized for Chloe which makes it that much sweeter. We love it, Liz. THANK YOU!!

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Michelle & Jimmy Rivas said...

So cute! Thanks for the post about Jonah...Dr. Meyer's says he has a cold. I'm home with him today. When he's all better (hopefully very soon) we should try to meet up at the park! Hope all is well with you and the girls :)