Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The HeShe, SheHe Story

I will do my best to do this story justice, but without pictures and being that the actual story happened days ago, I'm afraid that I probably won't do it justice.

The He-She story goes like this:

It's Tuesday, April 6th, and we bring the kiddos to the park as usual after school. This week we are in the company of my mom (Gramma) who is visiting us from "The North." The girls play, the mommas gab, and it's generally a great time. On this particular day, there were some new faces at the park and Camdyn began to take a liking to a little boy. He let her play with his dinosaur, and showed her his helicopter toy, and even let her watch his dinosaur for him when he went to the restroom. This is where I wish I could insert a picture of said child right here. The boy is older, probably 8 or 9 years old, and wearing jeans, a brightly colored shirt, small tinted oval glasses, and has blonde hair fashioned in either a mullet, or a 70's style feathered arrangement. I can't tell, and therefore the scrutiny, the boy is a boy, right? Kinda hard to tell.

So, we leave the park that day and Camdyn exclaims, "I just love that boy. I love that boy. I want that boy to come and play at my house!" Okay, awesome, that she doesn't think this boy is "gross" and that she was playing nicely with a much older child, but odd. This child is odd, or maybe it's the child's family is odd. His sister was there too, much older (say 12/14) a tad overweight is an understatement and playing with a peculiar looking giant stuffed Easter Bunny (even odder).

Now, it's the next day. We decide to have a picnic on the ball fields complete with a blanket and McD's happy meals for the chitlins (that's children, stay with me). We play for over an hour, and just when it is about time to leave, Camdyn runs up to us yelling, "MY BOY IS HERE! MY BOY IS HERE!" I look over at the fence running down the 1st base line and sure enough, there is the boy! Egads. Camdyn and the boy immediately begin playing in the dirt, and the mommas start to wonder again, is this a boy? Today, Boy is sporting boot cut jeans and is holding a stuffed unicorn, and a stuffed Lion with a bow in it's hair. Still wearing, the tiny tinted glasses and blonde mullet. Is this a he or a she? Do boys play with unicorns? So, I give Camdyn the 2 minute warning and as we are packing up to head to the car, I ask Camdyn, "Cam, what is your new friend's name?" [now, I wanted to be careful not to lead her in a direction of male or female because I wanted her to tell me herself." Her response: I dunno. Pause. Pause. Pause. HE said HIS name is Elizabeth!

I should mention that I drank a large sweet tea during our picnic, because it about ended up in my pants the moment that name flew out of her mouth. I mean, I was seriously holding on to myself, squeezing my knees together, and dancing around like a preschooler in the bathroom. Elizabeth! HIS name is ELIZABETH! I guess that sorta answers the question. Now, how do I convince a 4 year old that her new love is really a girl?


Liz & Jim Johnson said...

This is hilarious.... and I think you told the story very well!!! You just made my day with this laugh.. Thanks ! :)

Kate said...

LOL! Love it. (Sorry) :-)