Friday, April 16, 2010

If you have girls, you have hair bows

and you probably need somethin' to do with them. Right now, all of the bows we own, for my mostly bald children ::sigh:: are sitting in a giant Longaberger Basket, in a completely unorganized fashion. But hey, at least they are in one place....mostly.

So, Auntie Liz , is a little more of an Etsy junkie than I am and she brought this lovely little contraption to my attention, and of course, I just had to have one of my very own. What is it exactly? It's a bow holder, that looks like a ballerina dress, and the bows clip to the ribbons that adorn the skirt. So, original, and hella cute! So, I buyed me one, and I can't wait to get'll look like this, only it will have black, pink, and white ribbons on it, and Camdyn's name.
Me thinks it'll make a lovely birthday gift for a little girl, or justa cause. She (Monica at Addalilcharm) has bunches of different styles, in different sizes, and will even customize them for your little darling. If you want to peep her shop, Click Here

And just in case you were wondering. was also responsible for our Halloween tutus last year that ended up looking like this:

There are a lot of handmade, adorable items, waiting to be purchased, so if you go to the site better have your PayPal password handy! Shop Happy!


Liz & Jim Johnson said...

I can't wait to get the bow holder in the mail... I am psyched! I do adore Etsy... it just has the cutest things. I just found some small "loveys" that would be perfect for on the go blankies. CUTE!

mandacait said...

You look tuturrific!!! And yes, etsy is addicting!!!