Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The HeShe Story - Part Deux: I seriously can't believe there is a part deux, but there is

Becky and I pull our trucks into the parking lot at the park about the same time tonight. We begin to pull kids and kid crap out of our trucks and the first thing she says to me is "Did you see that the boy is here?" Say WHAT? ::gasp:: Where? Oh. And like any good storyteller/life document-er/blogger I say, "I'm grabbing my camera!" So, I did and we enter the park and after 5 minutes or so, the girls spot "the boy" and they recall each other and begin playing, again. So, I waltz up and ask to take their picture with their new friend. All the kiddos oblige, and so I give you this:
So, a piece of me was kinda hoping that Camdyn was confused about "the boy's" name. Since Cam's middle name is Elizabeth, I was sorta hoping that's where the name came from. So, I ask the child "What's your name?" HER response, of course, Elizabeth. So, it's official Elizabeth is a girl, and our girls are still convinced that she is a boy.

Eventually, Elizabeth gets called home for dinner and Camdyn was...um....devastated. Yeah, I guess that is the right word. She began to sulk around the park and then insisted that we wait for her to return. She said, "I really miss him." So, Becky and I spent a good few minutes trying to convince both Madie & Cam that Elizabeth is in fact a little girl, just like they are. They weren't buying it and insisted that she is a boy. Now, when I press further and ask Cam why she thinks she is a boy, she simply says, "he just is."

Elizabeth did manage to make it back to the park before we left, and Camdyn ran to her at the fence like she was her long lost love. The only thing missing was the St. Elmos Fire soundtrack. I mean, look at the expression on her face in that picture! She's crushin hard, and for a girl! So, they played a little while longer, and we told Elizbeth that we come to the park at the same time every night and maybe we'll see her tomorrow. She does seem like a nice child, with maybe a not so nice home life, and it's wonderful that they all play so nicely together. I just hope that we can convince our girls that she is a she so that no one's feelings get hurt ::gets on knees to say a prayer::

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