Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thankful on Thursday

Thankful on Thursday. Yes, I am. This is my first time participating in this blogging trend because I generally try to be thankful and grateful on a daily basis. But, I took these adorable pictures at the park on Monday (Chloe's 13 month birthday) and decided what better way to use them, then to give a big shout out for some of the things that I am thankful for this week.
Here goes (and in complete random-ness):

1). Health. Today, as I type this, everyone is healthy. Last week, Chloe had a phantom bout of diarrhea that I swear to bejeezus only happens at school and never at home, but today she is healthy, and we are all healthy and I just gotta appreciate that. With 2 kids, these days are rare!
2). My momma's banana bread recipe. Nothing can put a smile on the hubs face like fresh baked banana bread. I indulged him the other night, and it felt good, to make him happy. To do something for him, and then to sit down to watch 24 together and taste a piece of my childhood. I hope that my kids end up having memories of fresh banana bread in the oven and the taste of it on their lips like I do. It brings me home every time.
3). The hubs, who is home more often than he's not, does more than his share of the housework, cooks, does kid crap, and is generally pleasant to be around. I may not thank him everyday, but I definitely am thankful that he is my partner in this chaos.
4). My sweet baby Chloe who looks more and more like her daddy everyday. As she took her 1st steps last week, she reminded me just how fleeting infancy is, and just how precious these days are. I am thankful that I get to wear the mommy hat and that I got to be there to witness her very first steps.

5). The Park. Daily. It saves me. The laughter, the gab, the fresh air, the good times, the memories.
6). My kick azz camera and the photos that it takes with very little skill on my part. I've found a hobby!

7). Friends. Like these. The kind that you have known since you can remember remembering and the kind that know you deeper than anyone else in the world. The kind of friends that you don't talk to often but you never miss a beat. The kind that listen, the kind that mostly gab away, and the kind that you miss when they are gone. Ya'll are irreplaceable!

8). Emotion. Like this. The ability to cry, to empathize, to not-build walls. The ability to be genuine, wear my heart on my sleeve and not regret it. The ability to hug and comfort. I hope that this part of me never changes, and that my girls inherit it.
Surely you are Thankful for something today, right?

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Liz & Jim Johnson said...

Those pictures are AWESOME! We miss our park time with you guys. I looked forward to that part of EVERY day!