Friday, July 30, 2010

This week's Stressers, My Pediped Loyalty, & Bedtime Bootcamp

Happy Friday!  Whew.  It's been a really long week, and I'm so excited that in 6 hours I'll be on weekend time. 

The following stressers contributed to the awful long, crap pot of a week; Chloe's limp, worry, Dr. appt, worry, Xrays, worry, Cam's teacher assignment for next year (post on that later), worry, and probably the biggest factor, THE SOUTH BEACH DIET, starvation.

The SBD has turned me in to a carbohydrate deprived, energy-less, ornery, wench.  I've been surviving this week on a lot of protein, eggs, and I think I ate an entire bag of organic frozen broccoli.  I did manage to work out twice, including a down and dirty Zumba class last night.  That felt awesome!  I'm down nearly 4 lbs this week, so hopefully I can survive the next nine days of Phase 1 and then I'll be where I need to be and can finally indulge in a Strawberry or ten.  From what I hear, this is the hardest part.  Please send encouraging thoughts to my inbox, oh, and a box of e-chocolates, or a freshly baked e-cake.

The bright spots in this week included:
1)  Getting the news that Chloe's X-rays are normal and that her legs/hips/ankles are perfectly fine
2)  Getting a pedicure with the bestie yesterday, love my pretty tangerine toes!
3)  Internet shoe shopping.  LOVE IT!  I decided to buy Chloe a pair of Pedipeds in the next size up on the off chance that her shoes are too small and contributing to the limp.  If you haven't tried their shoes yet, you should.  They are soft, made well, and Chloe loves them.  She loves to put her shoes on and hates to take them off.  She'll pick her pedipeds over sandals any day.  These are pretty much the only shoes she wears.  Her sister had 10 pairs of shoes in her closet at this age.  Chloe has one.  I think instead of spending $8 - $10 here and there on a bunch of different shoes, spending $30 at one time for just one shoe is a better choice. 

I picked up this pair of Gisele Chocolate Brown/with polka dot shoes sized 6-12 months at a local consignment store, brand new, in the box, for $8.  They were a steal, and were also the driving force behind my Pediped loyalty.  (I think babies should be barefoot until they NEED shoes.  Chloe began wearing these when she was 12 months old and started standing on her own.  That's why she wasn't in them very long)

But, you know how kids grow.  About 8 weeks later Chloe was in the next size.  So, when Chloe was 14 months old, I ordered the Abigail shoe in size 12-18 months from Tiny Soles
They sell them for $31, with free shipping.  Aren't they adorable?  They match EVERYTHING.

And, even though I think these will be way too big on my little peanut.  I thought I should have them in the arsenal, just in case her shoes were too small, or at least be prepared for the jump to the next size.  So, after about 8 weeks in the Abigail Shoe, I decided to buy a sale shoe.  I ordered these in metallic silver which is not my favorite color choice, but for $15 vs. $31 -It'll do. 

And finally, tonight our family is embarking on Bedtime Bootcamp.  We need to train our 4 1/2 year old to go to bed when it's bedtime, stay in bed, and for goodness sake let Momma & Daddy have some alone time.  We've been far too lenient letting her watch one more TV show, play quietly in her room, etc. until she is tired.  The result, is that she comes out of her room 10x a night, and is constantly needing more water, or crackers, or to go potty, and Hubs and I have zero time to unwind in the evenings.  These antics are wearing me down.

So, tonight it starts - Bedtime Bootcamp.  By 8:30, Camdyn will be in her bed with the lights off, and will be on her way to dream land.  I am no longer going to allow her antics/stalling, and I will sit in a chair at the far end of her gigantic bedroom, and watch her fall asleep....every night....for as long as it takes for her to understand that going to bed at 8:30 and promptly falling asleep is what is expected of her. 

Pray for me or send me a bottle of wine.

This is going to be a test of my patience, my will power, and probably my sanity.  But, in the long run it will pay off. 

Big Thanks to Mama Hen at Mama's Little Chick for the I am feeling pretty darn foxy now that I have this pretty little award in the cabinet and am down almost 4 lbs. 

And I lovie me this

Thank you TV at TV's Take for this award.  If you haven't visited TV yet, you should.  She writes short concise blogs that inspire you to use your brain power, perhaps share a standpoint, or an experience, and she's just a breath of fresh air.

I hope ya'll enjoy your weekend!  I'm starting mine in 4 hours (man this post took awhile) and I'm going to kick it off with an hour long photo shoot that I have been looking forward to for days!  Hopefully I have some worth while pics to share next week!


Liz said...

Congrats on the awards - and the 4lbs. That's awesome!!!

Bedtime bootcamp will be hard but in the end you will be saving your sanity!! I wish you didn't have to go through that, but I think it's a part of that age... I'm dreading that when Abby gets there!!

Loved the comment on my blog about the passport. Too funny. We definitely have to celebrate... although I'll probably splurge and well... you can stick to your diet :)

Sassy said...

Congrats on the weight loss! I may be doing the SBD after this babe is born. I have gained more weight than I would have liked! ha!

Good luck tonight! We have done that with our boys and it sometimes takes a few nights but in the end is all worth it!

Eastlyn and co. said...

Carol-you are obviously an awesome woman-I could never diet and have to deal with kids at the same time! I enjoy reading your posts. My kids really take advantage of the summer months to stay up late and sleep in later. I figure they'll "right" themselves the first few days of school when they can barely keep their eyes open after lunch at 11:30 in the morning! Good for you and your "bedtime hygiene" with Camdyn. Be strong and it will work! -EW

Heligirl said...

Oh man, Bedtime Bootcamp. You go girl. You so need that time at the end of the day. We had the same issue here as soon as we transitioned out of the crib. We keep her door shut at night since we live in a ranch house with hardwoods and her room is really close to the livingroom. If her door stayed open, she'd never fall asleep because of all the sound. She's always had a childproof handle on the inside of her door so she can't open it. She'll get up, turn on a light and read books. We just go in, quietly take the book, pay her down, cover her up and turn out the light. Luckily, after a couple of times of doing this, she settles down and goes to bed. Good luck and keep us posted!

Mama Hen said...

Hey Carol, thank you so much for your sweet comment! I am so happy that your daughter is fine. What a load off of your mind! That type of worry can throw everything off! I hope you have a great weekend! I love those shoes!

Mama Hen

Anonymous said...

What a week you had my dear! Thank goodness all is well and new shoes are on the way! LOL. New shoes make everything better- even in toddlerville! Hope your weekend was relaxing and filled with "Sunnysides!" LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I'm your newest follower from Spotlight Saturday. Loving your blog. Look forward to reading more. Hoping you'll drop me a visit sometime.

LeeAnn said...

Good luck with bedtime bootcamp! I am lucky and my kids usually lay right down and go to sleep, but I fear it may not always be that easy. Keep us posted on how Cam does.

Thanks for the rec on the online store you bought the Pedipeds from. I was actually looking around a little bit this morning to see where I could find them the cheapest. Would you believe that my son has yet to have shoes on his feet? I bought him some Robeez while I was pregnant, but by the time he needed them, they were already too small. He is still going to school with bare feet every day, and now that he is playing more in the toddler room, he should probably be wearing shoes. :-) I haven't tried Pedipeds yet, but since everyone loves them, I'm going to give them a try.

Have a great week Carol!