Monday, June 28, 2010

You Know You Had a Good Weekend When Monday Hits and You Are Exhausted

I am seriously looking forward to today...yes, Monday.  This weekend done wore me out, and now, I  look forward to a Monday spent at my desk with a cup-o-java and my keyboard.  Six hours, just to sit, and do what I do, with little thought.  Weird, that is what my job is like, but I'll take it, because I AM EXHAUSTED. 

Allow me to breakdown the weekend for you, sans pictures, because I didn't take one single picture this weekend.  That almost never happens, but we were that busy ya'll!

Chloe Belle had her 15 month well visit.  I decided to pick both the girls up from school at the same time.  This means that I'll have Cam in the room with me while Chloe is seeing the Dr.  It's a recipe for chaos, but what the hell. I'm feeling up to the challenge.  The visit goes well, Chloe only cried while she was sitting on the scale, and what female doesn't want to burst in to tears at that moment?  I couldn't fault her that.  She finally weights 20.0 lbs!  Whoo hooo!  This means that legally I can finally turn her car seat around, so that she can ride facing forward.  The Dr. told me that if she is happy backwards then to leave her that way for as long as I can.  Well, she is happy backwards.  She sits there and stares at her sissy, or falls asleep, so I guess we'll let her sit that way for awhile longer.  She is also 31" tall now, so she sits in the 60th percentile for height and finally popped up to the 10% percentile for her weight.  The Dr. commented on how "chill" she is.  REALLY?  I wouldn't ever use that word to describe my "high maintenance little drama queen," but whatever.  He said that the babies that seem the most stressed as infants usually tend to be quite calm kids.  OH GOD I HOPE SO!  I think I'm due for one of those!  We decided to hold off on shots (the MMR) because Chloe had been sick off and on for 10 days...and I'm not quite sure about that shot.  She needs it for school, but should I lose my job then I'd probably skip it.  So, we'll re-evaluate that situation in September.  Right now, her shots are "deferred because of illness."

I also asked him if my precious was ever going to grow any hair.  He said the baldest babies usually end up with the thickest hair, that's just the way mother nature works.  Well, the Hubs and I both have more hair then we know what to do with, so I guess I'll buy that theory.  I would love to make some baby pony tails, though....maybe one day...when she's 4. 

Cam was a total ball of energy, talkativeness (if that is a word) and personality during the trip to the Dr.  Of course, the Dr. loves it, and encouraged it, and remarked that she has enough personality for 2 kids.  Yes, yes, she does...and it is completely exhausting. 

After the visit, since we were downtown, we went and saw daddy at work.  That was a lot of fun.  Since I'm a claustrophobic maniac, I marched all 3 of us up three very long flights of stairs to get to Daddy's office.  Cam counted every single step, well, she got to 30 and then started over...twice.  The girls had a blast and Chris and I decided we'd take the girls for pizza.  Remember we had such an awesome time a few weeks ago, so, we thought, same place, same thing.

Yeah, not so much.  It was a nightmare!  Camdyn spilled her drink, Chloe wouldn't eat anything and was tossing food on the ground.  It was stress fest all over again.  Maybe that is too much to handle on a school day when the kiddos are already exhausted, maybe that should be a weekend only activity.

Finally Saturday:
We went to the splash park, ran some errands, went to the Library, and Target, and then I took Cam to a Family Fun Center with a friend while Daddy stayed home and watched Soccer with Chloe.  It was fun, and we successfully wore the kids out!  Which was perfect since we had date night planned with Liz and JJ to celebrate his birthday.  When the sitter walked through the door at 7 pm, both kids were asleep.  Say what?  Yeah, it was like that.  So, we went out and had a terrific dinner, went to a comedy club and laughed and drank the night away, and had a great time.

6 am came way too quickly.  The Hubs and I alternated napping and watching kids until noon.  The late night really whacked us a good one.  Then, I took Cam grocery shopping, which she loves because I usually swing by the bakery and let her pick out a cookie.  Then this happens:

Camdyn is wearing this dress from Crazy Eights (which is like Gymboree's version of Gap's Old Navy):

the dress is size 5, and it's a little big on her.  She usually wears a white t-shirt under it, but it's 95 degrees outside, so I skipped the shirt.  The result is that the flower in the center hits her just below the sternum and the straps tend to fall off her shoulders.  I asked her if I could pin the straps together in the back, but she refused, it's big, and sloppy, but whatever. 
So, we have all of our groceries and are checking out, and Camdyn is sitting in the cart playing with a few of her little toys.

Bagger Lady:  Hi Sweetie.  I love your dress.  Is pink your favorite color?
Camdyn:  Thanks, but my Boodies (boobies) are hanging out, you know because this dress doesn't fit me right.  ::lowers dress neckline to expose one tiny baby nipple::
Bagger Lady:  ::holds a shopping bag up to her face so Cam can't see her cracking up::  Oh my Gosh she's hysterical.  Did she just say "Boodies?"
Me:  ::shakes head and laughs all the way out to the car::

And, that's pretty much the best thing about raising a 4 year old...they say the funniest things at the funniest times....and it is pretty much the reason that I survive the frustrating parts of raising a 4 year old.

And then we packed everyone up and headed to the beach for the Hubs' company picnic.  It was HOT...and...sandy...and dirty, but the food was good and the company was ever better.  We are so spoiled living here, to ever describe going to the beach as anything other than beautiful, is simply absurd.  But seriously, since we live here year round, I like to go to the beach for sunset, when the crowds are thin, you can find parking, and the sun isn't banging overhead.  It's cooler, and the view is even more spectacular.  Or, I like to go in the winter, in the middle of the day, when I can wear pants and a sweater, and we don't go near the water, but just play in the sand.  I do love the beach...just not in the middle of the summer....that's what the pool is for. 

When we got home we squeezed in some pool time, then bathed the kids, and had them both sleeping  by 7:30.  SWEET. 

So, here we are on Monday morning.  We had a great weekend, but it was non-stop, and I'm really looking forward to taking it down a few notches this week.  My parents come in to town on Thursday, which means I'm finally going to have to clean the house 4 more hands to entertain children with.  Blessings.  Total Blessings!

Happy Monday, Ya'll


Sassy said...

My goodness...our posts today are VERY similar! We had a busy weekend too and the only pics I got were on my phone! I would be looking forward to today too but I have to go to the hospital to take my glucose test. :p

Krista said...

OMG! Camdynn is such a cutie! I totally would have been cracking up, too! :-D

Chloe's Dr. visit totally reminded me that I haven't given Clemmie shots in oh, I don't know - a year! Gotta check on that. We're on a delayed schedule, anyway, but it seems quite a while since I've checked on it.

Thanks for the reminder! ;)

Happy (peaceful) Monday!

Victoria said...


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Mama Hen said...

Carol I was exhausted just reading this post! That is so funny about the boodies! I crack up at some the funny things Little Chick comes up with. Amazing how the one thing that makes a girl truly cry is that stinkin scale. He, he, he. I hope you have a great day! By the way, you should get a scanner. they don't cost much and are really great!

Mama Hen

LeeAnn said...

Good for you for leaving Chloe rear facing in the car! Rylie is STILL rear facing and will be for a while longer. It is so much safer!

Sounds like a great weekend. I know all to well how those go when you are running for 3 days straight!

And that is hilarious about Camdyn showing the lady her "Boodies"! Rylie already talks about hers way too much. LOL