Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Monday

If you work full-time, or mostly full-time/part time (like I do) then you realize that the stretch between New Year's Day and Memorial Day is a long stretch of no holidays.  I am so glad that stretch is behind us, and that the summer months that lead right in to Labor Day, Halloween, and Xmas are right in front of us. 

We took a moment yesterday to pay tribute to the men and women that have served and are presently serving our country and have given their lives for our freedoms, and then we enjoyed the day with good ole' quality time. 

I started my Monday out with coffee and then a little grocery shopping, solo style.  The Hubs and Cam planted some flowers, while I shopped, and they looked so cute filling the planters with soil, using beach shovels to do so.  I don't own any gardening tools because I only have pretty pink thumbs.  The only thing I can keep alive besides plastic plants is bamboo, and I've even had issues with that.  Anyway, I wish I had some pics of the Hubs and Cam "gardening", but I just soaked up the view from my car window and took a mental picture before I headed to the store. 

Around noon we headed to the mall for silly bands and some play time in the AC.  I am so jealous of that lady that invented those dang bands.  She's probably sipping martinis in Tahiti while I am paying $6 for a package of 33 cent rubber bands.  One day, I'll have a million dollar idea. 

Then, we hosted a BBQ and enjoyed some awesome food, laughter, and friendship. 

Abby & Chloe were reunited and it's amazing how much babies change in 2 months time.  Chloe is totally envious of Abby's tresses and cute boutique-y outfits (see adorable outfit below - it has an owl knitted on it, ya'll), and Abby is jealous of Chloe's walking skillz and waistline.  In this picture, they are both watching Auntie Liz.  She is holding the container of puffs and therefore commands attention.

And then the daddies got in the pool with their lovies and they splashed and played and enjoyed time with their little girls.  Nothing in the world is sweeter.  Sorry this pic is so off-centered.  We have a child safety gate around our pool and it gives me about 18 inches from the pool ledge to the gate, so I couldn't really back up to make sure that the photo was centered.  Oh well, you really didn't need to see Uncle JJ's right ear and shoulder anyway.  And, the gate is totally worth the peace of mind, so I'll take a messed up pic any day just for the security.
And, Abby was happy to be back in the ball pit that is a permanent fixture in our living room courtesy of the Hubs' inner child.  This time, she is able to sit perfectly and grab balls on her own.

I am just realizing that I don't have any pics of Camdyn from this weekend, and that is probably because she spends the majority of her time in the pool, under the water.  She swims like a fish, and the guys had a lot of fun chucking her in the air and then watching her cannon ball in to the water.  She likes it too, but I think her favorite thing ever is straight up belly flopping in to the water.  I grimace every time she does it.  Which reminds me, I need to get that on video.

I hope your weekend was enjoyable and that your week is off to a fantastic start! 


Britt said...

"Daddy's and their girls!" SOOOO CUTE! I love that pic!

Krista said...

GREAT photos!! What are silly bands? Never heard of them.
So - I tagged you on my blog! Hope you can stop by and play along!

Happy Tuesday! :)

Gretchen said...

I love how you colored the girl's swimsuits ... so sweet!

Amanda said...

Great pictures! Sounds like a fun weekend!

Liz said...

We had such a good time!! It was great having all the girls together again.... and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics!! Could you possibly email them to me? I need them for my blog :)

So glad to be here.. see you later on today! :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures - you should get one of the cheap water resistant cameras for taking pictures of Cam while swimming. Totally unique! I can't wait to be able to do some of our Sugar Plum

Liza said...

What a perfect Memorial Day! That sounds so nice. But, you're freaking me out saying that Christmas is just around the corner! I need to have this baby (the 1st is not looking so good, by the way) and THEN I'll think about upcoming holidays! And the outfits my daughter will be wearing on said holidays.