Wednesday, June 30, 2010

An Abundance

of love in my heart.  And awards.  Holy cow, have the awards piled up and I've been behind in accepting and acknowledging them.  So here goes and then you'll find my Wordless Wednesday at the bottom.

I received this from Mama Hen over at Mama's Little Chick.  Her blog is inspirational and sometimes we write on the same things, which makes me feel like we are kindred spirits or something.  I lovie her advice and her blog.  Thanks so much!  Now 3 things that I love about myself.  I love that I am a giving personI love that I am a momma and the most important person in the world to 2 little girls.  And, I love my ankles (truly, they are fabulous)!

And a picture that I love:

So little, with chubby cheeks...miss these days already

I also received this little ditty from Amanda at Chasing Twins in Louboutins.  Um, yeah, I live vicariously through Amanda.  She's hip, and sheek, and filled to the tippy top with fashion know-how, and she had two babies -at the same time.  Hello.  Hero.  Thanks, Amanda for this award.

The rules with this one:
The Rules:

•Thank the blogger who awarded it to you.
•Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using five (5) words
•Pass it on to 10 other blogs which you feel have real substance.

I blog to remember it.

Then, I received these 3...yes, 3! Awards from Britt at Ms. B, The Princess & the Pea.  She's about to have baby girl #2 and she's from the Midwest and is awesome.  Thank you for all of these, my e-hands can barely hold them, but they'll look stunning on the mantel! 

The rule for this one:  Write where you think you'll see yourself in 10 years. 

In 10 years I'll probably be visiting the plastic surgeon because I'll be done having kids, and will need the girls fixed a little bit.  But kidding aside, I hope I'm enjoying the teen-age years with my kids, and traveling, and going to swim meets, and golf lessons, and I hope that life is full and everyone is healthy. 

The rules for these two are similar (well, that's what Britt says) so we are combining them.  10 things that are awesome about me.  Whoa that's a lot.  In my case, this will be things that are RANDOM about me.

1. I can still fit in to the poodle skirt that I wore in a dance recital when I was 12 years old.  And I've worn it recently.
2.  In my 1st pregnancy I lost the ability to chew gum without puking.  It stuck with me.  I can no longer chew gum
3.  I didn't eat pig products for over 10 years because I watched the movie Babe.  Then, I got pregnant and craved bacon.  So, I had some.  But, I still won't touch ham.
4.  The doggy paddle is my best stroke
5.  My dog is named after the Hubs' favorite pitching coach
6.  I haven't painted my fingernails since I 1st gave birth.... 4 1/2 years ago
7.  My big toe is shaped like a spoon.  Hubs calls it "spoon toe."  My college roommate called it "potato toe"  it's weird
8.  We honeymooned in Maui during whale season.  It was awesome. 
9.  I've been a Matron of Honor - twice.
10.  I attempted to read War And Peace when I was 13...I only got 2 chapters in...the Russian names frustrated me. 

One more....stay with me....I know it's crazy, but these all piled up in a week....ONE WEEK!  I received this one, for the 2nd time from Chelsea at Adventures in Vandyland.  Chelsea has 2 girls that are about the same ages as mine and she's rockin' them California style.  If I ever have another girl, I think I'm gonna name her Chelsea, because it's beautiful, we stick to C's, but have too many hard C sounding names already.  Anyway, Chelsea, thank you for the award.  It looks beautiful on this page.
Whew.  Are you exhausted?  I am.  Now, I am supposed to pass all of these on to 5 to 10 people.  But, I think it'd be more special if I just chose a few.  So, here are 3 ladies that I love to read, and think you should too.  Ladies, pick one or two, or all of them, and add them to your collection!

Congrats ladies and take my em when you get em. 

And, finally....

Wordless Wednesday!

Fix it BP...just Fix it!


Mama Hen said...

Hey Carol! I know when we let the awards pile up it takes a while to pass them along! Congratulations! Thank you for your kind words! That is so cute you love your ankles! I have to say I love my hair! That has always been good to me! I love that picture! Have a great day!

Mama Hen

Anonymous said...

looky at you and all the awards!! :) you should invest in an award shed. just saying. :)


LeeAnn said...

Thank you so much Carol!!! I will gladly accept my award(s). Now, which ones will look the best on my new blog that will roll out soon? :-)

TV's Take said...

Congrats on all your awards! I must say I love the BP photo - too funny. Following you from Mama's Lil Chick

Nic said...

I have been sooo behind on everything blog-related lately so just catching up. Thank you SO much and I will proudly brag - I mean, post - about them this weekend! :)