Monday, June 14, 2010

Slammin' Sunday

Saturday was aiiight, but Sunday...Sunday ruled.  We started our Sunday out by playing hooky from church, cause it's summer and sometimes you just gotta break the routine.  We decided to meet some of Camdyn's classmates at the park.  It was HOT as balls (hokay, so I don't really know what that means, but Hubs says it, and apparently, it means that it was really hot), but the kids ran around in the bangin' sun and had a blast.  And, we got to chat in the shade while the kids exhausted themselves (save for the 10 minutes I spent in the sun pushing them on the tire swing). 

When we got home it was lunchtime and then Chloe went down for a nap and Cam and I enjoyed swim time while Daddy washed his truck.  The pool was cool and relaxing and we spent over an hour paddling around. 

The Hubs and I tossed around ideas about what to do after Chloe's nap.  I needed a few things at Target and we decided to order pizza and bring it home.  On the drive to Target Cam said that she wanted to eat at the restaurant.  Well, Hubs didn't think that was a good idea because somehow it always ends up being stress-fest when we go out to eat.  Cam doesn't sit in her chair, she forgets to use her inside voice and it becomes a less than pleasurable experience.  Usually, it is more "work" than it is fun.  I reminded Hubs that she is getting older and that we can't stop dining out forever (even though we did stop from the time Cam was 18 month to 3 1/2 because she just couldn't handle it - cue screaming toddler, running around a restaurant and throwing food...okay, she never threw food, but she did break a salt shaker or two).

Target was Target.  Went in needing 4 or 5 things and walked out with 20.  Love that place.  Then, we get to the restaurant.  We have no food for Chloe, no sippy cups, or toys on hand, as this was an unplanned stop. I can't remember the last time we went to a restaurant without a barrage of toys, DVD player, crayons, etc.  Surprisingly, the children....BEHAVED.  Like, we pretty much almost could have forgotten they were there - behaved!  Camdyn decided she wanted garlic cheesy bread for dinner and ordered two servings of it.  Chloe ate pasta off of the menu and drank water from a cup with a straw, she even had some pizza too.  It was ::gasp:: ENJOYABLE!  After we were done and in the car, I said to Hubs, "Do you see what is happening here?  Cam is getting to the age where she is going to be able to entertain herself and behave at a restaurant, and Chloe isn't going to be that crazy toddler who we can't take out, and we are going to be home free!"  At least I hope that is what is happening. 

**I have a girlfriend that has a little girl Cam's age and she is the sweetest and tamest (can you use that word to describe a child, or only animals?) little girl I've ever seen.  Well, her momma had a little boy about a year older than Chloe and now they are paying their dues.  He's the child that throws food in restaurants.  She swears that they are raising and disciplining them the same way, some kids are just wired differently and react differently in different environments.  They are now having a hard time eating out.  So, I'm hoping that is true, because no matter what I tried with Cam, we just couldn't get her to stay in her chair and behave in a restaurant, and I used to blame my parenting skills.  Now, with Chloe, I'm seeing that she is already handling it better than Cam did, so maybe it really isn't the parents as much as it is the child, or a wicked combination of the two ::checks judgemental comments at the door::

And, then when we got home, the storm clouds were looming and I was thrilled.  We need rain so badly.  I know those of you in Tenn. hate to read that, but we've been thirsty down here.  So, as the sprinkles started to fall, we got out our "La-Lum-Brell-As" as Camdyn would say, and played in the rain.  We danced, we pranced, we swung our umbrellas around, and only knocked the baby down once.  And, we enjoyed ourselves. 

Whoa.  Me in a picture!  Thanks Hubs. 
I wish you could see the look on Chloe's face. 
Obviously, she is happy, because I am repeating the look on my face.

Camdyn playing with her new red ball

And sometimes you just have to soak up all the little moments of sunshine (or rain in this case) and enjoy them.  Because at a certain point you realize that it's these little moments that are the 
BIG moments.


Liz said...

I love that you got in some pictures. Looks like ya'll had a blast!! :)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait till we can play in the rain with Sugar Plum. Sounds like an absolutely amazing day.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Our posts about the rain are too similar! Great minds think alike. LOL Although, we didn't get rain yesterday, we got it on Saturday and it was much needed. I also wrote about how it's the little things! Too funny. Glad you made it in some pics!

Mama Hen said...

Hey Carol! I love those pictures! Realy great! I love rainy days. I especially love when the flowers get watered and I don't have to get out there and do it myself. One thing off the list! Have a great day!

Mama Hen

Nic said...

I'll send some rain your way from Illinois too; my garage can stop flooding at any time! Adorable pictures! I'm impressed with your husband's photography skills; I don't even bother to hand mine the camera any more.

Gretchen said...

We finally got a burst of sunshine this weekend in the Northwest. Now it's back to overcast and I'm sure some rain showers are headed our way. Here's to hoping for a warm 4th of July!

Glad you are enjoying both the sun and rain :)

Kate West said...

Carol, how come you always talk about me inspiring you to go on a weight loss kick, when you're itty bitty skinny??

Lol. Glad to finally see you in a pic!

Amanda said...

You should be in more pictures, pretty lady!!! Great post! Family days that go well are so great aren't they, lol!!

Mama Hen said...

Hey Carol!

You have an award on Mama's Little Chick! You deserve it! Come and grab it!

Mama Hen

Mama Hen said...

Did you catch your award yet? You deserve it! I eat way too much chocolate with salty things!

Mama Hen

Amanda said...

Hey, I gave you the award too, haha. Now you HAVE to do it.

Just gave you an award on my blog, go to my site to pick it up!!! :)