Friday, June 25, 2010

....and I Switched to Huggies

Most of you have probably heard of or taken part in the bruhaha over the Pamper's Dry Max diapers.  If you haven't, and don't know that they have been accused of causing severe diaper rashes that resemble chemical burns, then go ahead and read this from Parentdish.  It's kind of worth reading anyway, since it pretty much suggests that if Pampers can get mommy bloggers on their side, then all will be right with them, their world, and their diaper championing.

Okay, back to my story:  I'm on the slow boat or the short bus here, and I didn't really catch wind of this until a few weeks ago.  A few weeks after I had purchased my first and only box of Stage 3 Pamper's Dry Max.  Chloe Belle sparked a rash.  Not just any old rash, but a nasty nasty red peeling rash.  And, it was immediate. 

Now, this child was breastfed until she was 13 months old, she didn't really get ANY diaper rashes at all, not even after the combined weeks and weeks of diarrhea that this child has endured.  I attribute that to breastfeeding, and to the fact that I use a wonderful cream, that is made in my hometown, and WORKS.  It's not your everyday preventative cream, it's the cream that you use when a rash is here.  It's so thick you can't flick it off of your finger, it's used by old people who suffer from bed sores (that's its alternative use) and I love it.  If you wanna get you some Paladin you can order it online, or you can march down to Target and ask the pharmacy to order it for you.  It takes 24 hours for them to receive it and they sell it for $5 a jar.  I buy 2-3 at a time (makes for a good shower gift too).  And, my 4 year old has used it when she gets all red and sore because she forgets to wipe and her girly bits stay wet all day.    

Man, I'm like a runaway train today (sense the transportation theme here...What the Hades?)

So, Chloe got a rash and my first thought was "It's the Diaper!"  And, this is before I knew that other Mommas out there were complaining.  So, we slapped on some Paladin and used it heavily for about a week.  The rash disappeared and we continued working our way through the giant box of diapers.  She never got another rash.  I'm not sure if she built up some sort of tolerance to the adjusted amounts of chemical in the diaper (supposedly it sits closer to the skin since the diapers are thinner) or if the whole thing was just a nasty coincidence. 

But, I switched brands.  I had a package of Seventh Generation diapers that I received at my baby shower (yes, over a year ago - they are stage 3 and it took Chloe that long to get that big).  I tried them and I loved them, but they are pricey and I just don't know if I can pay that, especially because the suckers aren't even biodegradable.  They are simply made without chlorine (in the plant) and they don't dye the filler white like other brands do, they dye it tan.  So, a little earth friendly, but not much. 

Huggies.  Huggies is my answer.  Now, since my 4 year old was in diapers, Huggies has come a long way.  I thought they were leak prone when she was little, but now I think they hold their shit.  Literally. 

If I ever have another one, and really, I'm not planning on it...I think I'll go the cloth route and avoid all of this, but in the meantime...Miss Belle is sporting the Huggies for another 9 months, cause you know I'm hoping to have her potty trained by 2! 

If you can relate good or bad...Please share.


Anonymous said...

I heard all the bruhaha over the Pampers Dry Max diapers - I loved Pampers Swaddlers - but I think we are about to switch brands. I just don't want to take the chance. We had troubles with Huggies not fitting Sugar Plum very well as a newborn but I think we may give them another try, esp. if they are working that well for you! Or maybe consider cloth diapers.

t.bird said...

i mainly use cloth- but my disposable are Target Up&Up and i've never had an issue!

i've had a few blowouts- but seriously- there was A LOT of poop- ha!
no pee leakage though!

plus- they're cheap! i love them!

Bridgette said...

I used Pampers religiously with Spencer from day1 and she has never even gotten red much less a rash. First use of new Pampers with DryMax...instant red! I knew we were winding down in the diaper dept so I switched to Huggies for the last 2 months & never had a problem. Now we are thankfully onto panties...Hallelujah. Pampers needs to admit their mistake & go back, they are losing tons of customers!

Sassy said...

I love Pampers Swaddlers for newborns, because they are softer and seem to fit little babies better. But once they grow out of those it's Huggies all the way baby! Pampers have always leaked through for me. And I don't just mean out the sides I'm talking through the diaper and only after they have urinated once! You just can't beat Huggies!

Michelle & Jimmy Rivas said...

I always had a problem with Pampers...they leaked all the time! We started using Huggies right after the swaddler stage! I love them! Hope Chloe is all better! :)

Nic said...

Love, love, LOVE Paladin! Reid was on an antibiotic at 2 weeks old and wound up with a yeast rash as a result. Paladin was the only thing that helped. I tell everyone about how it's a miracle in cream form.

Reagan was always a Pampers Baby Dry girl until I had another baby and realized buying for two was pricey. I switched her to Target Up and Up at 20 months and haven't had any problems. Reid is now in Luvs and I luv 'em (sorry, couldn't resist).

Glad Chloe is feeling better!

LeeAnn said...

How are the Huggies working for you? I never had luck with those when I tried them for Rylie. I have actually used Pampers for both kids since Rylie was born and I have never had a problem with them...even after the switch to the Dry Max. My kids (especially Rylie) have crazy sensitive skin and are prone to diaper rash and they were fine with those. Rylie didn't wear them for long, though, so who knows? But for now, at least, Bryce is still a Pampers baby.

Those bad diaper rashes are awful, though. I always felt so bad for Rylie when she would get those. It just breaks your heart!