Monday, June 7, 2010

Sometimes No plan is the best plan

Don't you just hate it when you get all gussied up for a night out and plan on having a great time and then it doesn't turn out that way? Yeah, me too. Well, that didn't happen to us this weekend because for once we had NO plans. Yeah, nothing on the docket at all.

We went to a friend’s house to swim on Saturday morning and their pool was cool and refreshing and the kiddos had a great time. Somehow our pool is hot as sin, and Hubs finally lowered the temp on it from 105 (hello hot tub temp) down to 90, so by Sunday night it felt a lot cooler.

Then, we had a play date with baby Abby that somehow turned in to a sleepover. I had been craving Pasta Weezie from Carraba’s, and the Hubs’ craving finally matched up with mine, so we decided on ordering out. We ordered dinner for 4 and decided that Abby would do bedtime at our house. The girls got their first tubby time together and that was….interesting. Chloe is attached to her bath seat. I think it makes her feel safe or something, but Abby can’t sit and not slide all over the tub even with a tub mat, so when we switched them and gave Abby the seat, then Chloe just stood there and cried for her chair. Bath time didn’t last very long on account of that, but I did get one picture of them entranced by their own feet and a rubber duck!

As luck would have it, the kids were exhausted and they all passed out by 8:00 (including my 4 year old and that almost never happens). We enjoyed our dinner on the lanai along with good conversation, several/multiple beers and then after the sun had set decided it was time for an Adult Swim. It’s the first time that the Hubs and I had been in the pool without kids and it was WONDERFUL!

The night ended about 10:30 because we are responsible losers, but we had a fantastic time and now we know that we can do that again since Abby easily sleeps wherever she lays her head.

On Sunday we were invited to the beach! We hadn’t been to the beach since Chloe turned 1 back in March and it was COLD then, so we packed up our beach cart with chairs, towels, buckets, shovels, mermaids, the sun tent, a cooler, tubes and tubes of sunscreen, floppy hats, and headed to the beach. It turns out that Cam’s teacher was there too with her 2 kids (yeah, you can totally hate on her because she is thin and beautiful, and totally shoots down my excuse that kids are the reason that I look the way I do) and Cam was so stoked to see her at the beach. They looked for shells and fish and had a great time.
And, at one point I could actually smell oil, which sucked, and reminded me in an up close and all too personal way how much this oil crisis sucks.  But, the baby looked cute, and she ate a crap ton of sand and didn't seem to mind it at all.  She never did get her suit on, just her jammie top and a swim diaper. 

And the absolute BEST thing about going to the beach is that it does this to the kids:

I just love the fact that we enjoyed our weekend without feeling planned or scheduled and had an unexpected awesome good time with two different sets of wonderful people.  I'm spoiled, really, I am.



Mama Hen said...

Those pictures are precious! I love the last one. when you have no plans it takes all the stress out of making the plans go "as planned". That is great that you had such a fun time! You are so right about the oil spill! The effects are much greater than we can imagine!

Mama Hen

Krista said...

Sounds like you had a perfect weekend! Love, love, LOVE the last two images....priceless. And adult swim time is the absolute best - especially at night! :)

Liz said...

We had such a good time and it was great to throw the routine out the window. Bath time was a bit crazy, but as the girls get older, they will love having tubby time together :)

Britt said...

What a great weekend! Good for yoU!

Amanda said...

Those are great pictures, the last one is PRICELESS!