Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gratzi Jueves

Well, for those of you that don't speak a combination of Italian and Spanish the title is "Thank You Thursday." Clever huh?  I thought I would spice up the title a bit. So, allow me to offer a big busty
"Thank You"
to the people, places and things that make-a-me happy this week.

31).  The Mall.  And, not for the shopping and the endless array of merchandise, but for the A/C and the indoor play land and the wide selection of food opportunities.  It now provides a host for mommy gatherings and sweat-free play dates.  And to that I offer a happy hallelujah!

32).  Dry Skivvies.  Not mine, silly.  My 4 1/2 year old has finally ditched the Underjams and stays dry all night!  Whoo hoo!  We were so lazy with taking those things away, and now that we have, she is happily and comfortably dry all night long. 

33).  Baby Showers.  Not only to they involve celebrating a terrific Momma and a new life entering the world.  But, they involve cake, and an evening spent without tending to children.  It's a win/win all the way around.

34).  Trusted Babysitters.  Because it means that Hubs and I are about to enjoy a long overdue night out this weekend. 

35).  Seat belts that function.  For the past 24 hours my seat belt was stuck in the retracted position and I couldn't pull it free to put it on.  I was completely annoyed by it and felt like I could literally fall out of my seat at any moment.  I just do not understand how people can drive and not wear them.  Anyway, by the grace of God, I tinkered with it, and actually fixed it.  So, now it works and I feel safe, and have spared myself a trip to the dealership (for now). 

36).  Binky Kisses.  This morning, Chloe leaned in to give me a kiss whilst the binky was still in her mouth.  So, I kissed the binky.  Cuteness overload.

37).  Hubs' job.  Because it makes him feel successful, and challenged, and it provides for our family.  And, it's just an added bonus that it's our social network too.

38).  Lady Gaga's stupid antics.  Because every time I read about her weirdness and supposedly shocking behavior, I become thankful for the normalcy of my life and feel just a twinge of thankfulness that I am not looking for happiness/acceptance/security in all of the wrong places.

39).  Golf.  Yes, you read that right.  Golfing that gets the whole family out on the green, playing, and interacting.  And it gives Cam an opportunity to do what her daddy does.  He swears he will turn her into a pro.  I think buying her a golf set is on the to-do list this weekend.  And not the plastic kind featured in my last post...but a real one...the metal kind.   

Has anyone noticed that I am getting really good at taking pictures
that do not have heads in them...strange, but it works.  no?

The baby top left belongs to Liz but I'll claim her and all of her cuteness. 
Abby and Chloe have the same shirt on
so I just had to include her in this spread taken on Father's Day.

40). Teachers.  Because every day I leave my lovies in the hands of wonderful women who care for them, teach them, and influence their lives in my absence.  And, working and being away from them would be hella traumatic for me if it weren't for them.  A Thank You just isn't enough for what teachers do every day!

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