Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sunshine Award

Well, this little ditty is being passed around and although I'm not one to follow processes to a "t," I will at least make an attempt. Thanks, Liz over at Tickled Pink
, for brightening my blog with this beautiful flower and for the big shout out for my blog and our friendship. We have some cute kids, don't we? In some friendships, the graduation to motherhood drives you apart and in some it brings you closer. I'm so glad it's the latter for us. I don't have any sisters, but if I did, I'd wish she were you :)

Now, this is the part where I should be passing this award on to 12 people and instructing them to do the same. I can't really do that because a) it seems really cumbersome b) I don't follow 12 blogs religiously c) I just don't wanna.

So, I will pass this beautiful flower (um, award) on to one other recipient that hasn't yet received it, is deserving, and just because I love her blog. The winner is Kate at Kate and Khan. She is relatively new to motherhood (aren't we all), shares a lot of the joys and grief that we all do, and her ability to tell a story always inspires and impresses me. She's an exceptional writer, unknowingly comedic, and an inspiration to anyone who feels like they are often "fumbling through parenthood." Now, hop on over there and see what Kate and Khan are up to!

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