Friday, March 26, 2010

The. Party.

Party at my house ya'll. Last Saturday we threw a B.A.S.H in celebration of Chloe's 1st birthday and Camdyn's 4th birthday. Okay, so you caught me. Camdyn actually turned 4 back in January, but somehow in the excitement and travels of the holidays and then the sale of our house and the subsequent move, her birthday was lost in the chaos of life. So, hey. 2 for 1 come and get your party on.

Every party needs a Princess Castle Bounce House!

Violet enjoyed setting the table for a be-you-ti-ful tea party

Antoinette & Milan enjoy their nuggets and fruit on the slide.

Lil Miss Jadyn lookin' wicked cute with the balloons
What party isn't complete with a romp in the ball pit?
(yes, the ball pit is a permanent fixture in our living room, courtesy of Chris' inner child)
Now there are BOYS in the ball pit. Rock on Clay, Chase and Skyler!
Camdyn is excited about blowing out the candles on her dinosaur cake
(looks like Madie is excited about it too)
Chloe is all smiles before she sees her cake
(afterwards, not so much)

Me. Madie. Eat Cake. Like Caveman.

Camdyn and her most beloved, favoritest teacher of all time. And, why wouldn't
she be? She's cool enough to get in the bouncie with all of the kids!
Okay, so I had to try and be cool too. Chloe got to check out the Bouncie after the party was ova.
(Hey you Midwesterners - check out that palm tree. - Wish you were here!)

Yes, that devilishly handsome man in the background is daddy

Just. Cuz.

Said favorite teacher painted this Hello Kitty on Camdyn's arm Friday at school.
The child undressed for a shower and then refused to take the shower for fear
of washing the Kitty off of her arm. So. No. Shower.
Two pooped kids after one fabulous day celebrating these two blessings
Many thanks to everyone who shared in the day. A girl couldn't ask for better friends!

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Liz & Jim Johnson said...

OH i just LOVE that last picture of the girls!!! So SWEET!!!!! :)