Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Like the Ocean the Cuteness is Endless

Excuse me while I drip mommy slobber all over this disgustingly cute picture of my family. Last weekend the weather was gorgeous (although a little cold for my liking) and we decided that we should pack up the fam and head to the beach. This would be Chloe's 2nd (yes, folks that's only 2x in her 1st year of life) trip to the beach. Since we discovered last week that she has an affinity for sand, I couldn't wait for her to see this giant sandbox! So, we beached it up and I even brought the "good" (understatement here) camera to catch the moment.

I didn't take many pics for fear of getting a sand granule on the lens, but did capture this adorable picture of my lovies. Chloe is the focal point and Cam and Chris are blurred in the background. Chris is particularly thrilled with this being that he still is carrying around 10 lbs that he would like to lose. Me too, babe, me too. If only every one could see my image with a slight blurr. It would probably help those 2 red pre-period zits on my face too.

Anyway, we can't wait to go back when the weather is warmer and we can actually get our feet wet without fear of hypothermia, and we can wear swim gear and tanks instead of pants and hoodies, and yoga sessions aren't necessary just to keep the blood warm (I give you the picture below).


Liz & Jim Johnson said...

Loved this post... it made me have a few good laughs :) That picture is great too... love it!!!!

Anonymous said...

So cute Carol! And so true about the weather. What is it with this year?? It makes me wonder what summer will have to offer! Will it be excessively hot since it has been excessively cool? Who knows!