Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chloe = 1!

On March 19, this sweet baby celebrated her 1st birthday. In recognition of the day, mother nature decided to grace Miss Belle with a stomach bug which resulted in her being able to spend the entire day at home with mommy. Thankfully, her spirits were untouched. In between loads of laundry (and I probably did 3 loads of just Chloe clothes) I was able to capture these shots of Chloe on her birthday.

How old are you, Chloe? Her response:

Yes, she is a genius! Besides this lovely trick (okay it was mere coincidence) she also says "uh oh" "mama" "dada" and I swear she said the word "sock" one time. She also tries to put on her socks by placing them on top of her feet. She signs for "more" and says "mo mo mo" and also just started shaking her head up and down for "yes" which is probably about the cutest thang eva! She also stacks blocks 2-3 high and holds a pen to paper as if to draw. But what she really loves to do is place objects inside a container and then dump them out. She can spend 20 minutes doing that over and over again.

She knows where her belly is, and yes, that is a bloated belly that is suffering from what will be a 5 day episode of Montezuma's revenge.
Here Chlo says "What up fool?" to the dog. Okay, really she was scratching under her arm, but I like to pretend there is a little attitude under all that sweetness.

Chloe is getting pretty good on 2 feet. Her dr. commented that she does get both heels on the ground when she is standing and that is usually the last step before they take off. She is starting to creep with more confidence and will stand next to me with a fist full of my shirt in her hand and nothing else to support herself. She is capable of balancing on her own two legs for a few seconds and she does squat to pick up an object off the floor and then stand back up again.
Chloe is just 17 lbs (and that was before this stomach bug) and sits in the 5th percentile for weight and the 50th for height at 29 1/2 inches. She still wears stage 2 diapers, and most of her clothes are 9 months, although in sleepers she can wear 12 months because of her length. She still hates it when we put anything on her head, bowbands and hats are a waste of money and time at this point. She's a petite little thing, but don't let that fool you, she knows how to get her way and is quite the screamer when she wants something.
She's eating just about anything we give her now days. We are getting bolder with her foods and I'm relaxing a bit on the "only organic" thing so that she can opportunity to try some of the things that the rest of the family is eating. She ate her first jar (yes, I allowed her to eat food from a jar) of applesauce yesterday. Her dr. said that apples will help her firm up, and I didn't have the time to make my own applesauce, so thank goodness for Earth's Best. Chloe has also eaten Cheerios, although she still prefers her puffs, and we can go through 1/2 a can in a day. It doesn't help that Camdyn really likes them too, which is so odd because they have no flavor at all.
Look at those teeny tiny legs!

Alright, my little Lovie, I know you are exhausted from all the gloating that mommy just did on your behalf, so why don't you just rest awhile and I'll put down the camera and join you....

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