Monday, March 29, 2010

Gummy Grin

So, it turns out that babies aren't the only children with adorable gummy grins. At approximately 1 pm yesterday, Camdyn lost her very first tooth at approximately 4.25 years of age! I was at the mall lunchin' with the bestie and when I got in the car, I discovered this pic from the hubs on my celly. CUTE! I was so sorry I wasn't there for the precise moment that precious tooth departed from her gumline, but at least I heard the story and it went like this:

Camdyn just finished eating part of her McD's ice cream cone in her bedroom, she had to potty, so of course, she calls daddy in to supervise. While supervising the conversation went like this:
Daddy: Camdyn? Where is your tooth?
Camdyn: In my mouth.
Daddy: No, it's not, Where is it?
Cam: In my mouth, see. Oh. Where is it? My tooth is missin'!
Daddy: Let's go on a tooth hunt and find it! You are a big girl now!
(jumps off the pot and off they go)
They did end up finding the tooth in the carpet by the chair she was sitting in. She had no idea the little bugger had fallen out of her mouth, which is awesome, because having a tooth that is dangling by the root gives me the serious heebie geebies.

More, on this story later....

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