Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Spotlight: August 28-29

It has been awhile since I've done a spotlight post.  This is the type of post where I allow the voices in my head to have a one-sided conversation with you about our weekend.  So with that, I'll go ahead and channel those voices....

Both girls are up at 7:00!  Don't they know it's Saturday?
I know, I'll bake muffins....chocolate chip muffins
Sure, Sweetie, we can play in the driveway just let me get these muffins in the oven
I just know the neighbors love watching me play soccer in the driveway at 7:45 in the morning in my pink Moo-moo.  At least I have my contacts in.  This is a sight to see.
Alright girls, it is starting to get hot out here.  Let's go inside
Chloe is whining to go back outside
Swim?  Sure.  Let me get the suits
Like the ducks Chlo?  Can you say "duck?"

Okay, suits are on.  Camdyn stay in the shallow end.
Come here Kenz.  Lemme take your picture, puppy.
Swim time is over.  It's time for lunch then nap time.  Whew.  I need a nap.
Nap time
You want to go to Walmart?  You know how I feel about Walmart?  To buy bikes?  NOW? Why?  Okay, whatever.  Let's go to Walmart
Oooh.  I like that blue beach cruiser...I'll take that one.  And get Camdyn a new helmet, and can we pick up a red wagon for Chloe?  Chloe needs a wagon....everything else in her life is a hand me down from sissy, including her first tricycle and first bike....she deserves a wagon.
We'll have to come back to buy them....all this won't fit in my truck with the car seats.
Ugh.  It's 3:00.  I need to clean.  I don't feel like cleaning.  Hey!  Let's invite people over to our dirty house? 
I'll post an invite on FB and text all of Cam's friends. 
Wheee!  They'll be here in 2 hours.  I gotta clean this place!
I have the best hubs ever!  He helps me clean.
I don't think you should vacuum that wet rug on the patio with my Dyson.  Really, it's probably not a good idea.
I hope you can get all of that gunk that is stuck in the roller out....Don't say I didn't warn you....
Hi!  Thanks for coming over.  Let's squeeze a swim in before it rains.
Budlight Lime, Shocktop, or Landshark?  I'll take a Shocktop.
Ohhhh.  That's lightening!  Time to get out kids.  Let's dry off and play inside
Thanks for coming over that was a lot of fun!
Let me get these kiddos in bed
Movie?  The Book of Eli?  Okay
Snuggle me
What is going on in this movie?  What war?  What happened?  Are they ever going to explain it?  No.  I wouldn't watch this movie again. 

CRAP!  It's 8:30.  I guess we missed church
Coffee?  Why I'd love to. 
Playtime in the garage/driveway again.  Why do the kids love the garage so much?
Oh least it is cool out this morning....
Hi Miss Marlene!  Huh.  She's wearing her moo-moo too!  See.  I totally fit in here.
Chloe baby.  You look so hot and tired.  Let's go inside.

Swim time.  Where's Cam?  Watching a movie.  Okay, she can come out later.
Hi Cam!  Jump on in.  Take off your jammies but leave your undies on.  Come on, it's okay, you don't have to have your suit on.  Okay....go get your suit. Silly girl
You wanna Skype?  Sure.  I can't wait to see Abby walking...let me boot the laptop.
Chloe look at Abby.  Stop touching the keys, you have banana on your hands.  She is so cute on 2 legs!
Bye Bye Abby
Chloe you practicing putting on your shoes?  Almost baby girl.  Almost.

Let me get Chloe down for a nap
Camdyn I'm sorry I turned your movie off, but you need nap.  Stop crying, honey.  You are crying because you are tired.  Just ignore her babe...she's tired.  She needs a nap.
Did she just pass out inside the tent?  Told ya she was tired.

I have to go to JoAnn's....I need tulle for tutus.  Be back in an hour
I could totally get lost in here.
Man, these ladies aren't in a hurry.
What? the dog peed on the chair?  What is wrong with her?  She never does that.  I hope she isn't getting sick again.  Poor thing.  I'll be home in 10.
Should we wake the kids and take them to McD's to play.  Sure.  I need sweet tea.
Cam, I know you are still angry with Momma for turning off your movie, but you owe me an apology for your behavior. 
Great.  Let's go to McD's....and Walmart?  You want to go to Walmart again?  I haven't seen this much Walmart in one weekend....EVER! 
Umm....sweet tea....french fries.  I can't stick on a diet worth shiz.
Let's get the wagon now, and the helmet, and the bike seat for Chloe and we'll come back for the bikes next weekend since we can't fit all of this in one load.  Good plan.
Fantasy Football draft Party.  How many leagues are you in this year?  3.  Humph.  Okay, I like a party.
Baby Jax is so small....he's so cute. 
Camdyn share the toys
These lemon bars are divine.  Ummm....
It's 6:45, we have to go.  I don't want to blow the schedule on a school night.  See ya, everyone.  Thanks for having us. 
Chlo please stop crying we'll be home soon. 
Cam is she sleeping?  She fell asleep?  We are one minute from home.  Ugh!
Photo editing time, blogging, Fbing...I can't believe she wrote that in her status!  WHAT?  Liz, you crack me up.
I really have to go to bed
Chloe is up already, it's only 12.  Bottle then back to bed.
And here we are at Monday!  I hope it's a good one!


t.bird said...

"crap- we missed church"

that's us every sunday. i feel guilty now. ha!

Ashley Sisk said...

These pictures are great - I love the one sided conversation.

LeeAnn said...

Sounds like you have weekends a lot like mine. It never ends, does it?

Colleen (Shibley Smiles) said...

LOL I love the way you did this post it is so funny! You do such a good job of entertain us readers!

Book of Eli...didn't like it either!

Lindsey said...

Great post! The pictures are beautiful!

Jennifer said... head is spinning just thinking about your weekend. But wait, you are living the parallel life to mine..LOL! I think we all just need a break :)

trililpigs said...

lol..i love the humor in this post! your girls are adorable! re dinosaurs, it's basically a part of our lives, too..our everyday conversation with the kids always involve dinosaur names and anything about them, haha! =)

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my heart! You are so busy! I forget what it is like to have tiny littles. I miss that stage sometimes...and then other times I am like WAY to lazy to imagine going back : )

I bet your moomoo is GORGEOUS : )

TV's Take said...

Wow I am sooo tired just listening to your schedule! Sounds like a lot of fun though.

Mama Hen said...

Great pictures Carol! I am with TV on this, I am pooped out hearing how busy you are! I have to say that when I have someone coming over to the house my best cleaning gets done. Ha! have a great night!

Mama Hen

krissilugbill said...

love it, just a normal few days in mommyhood right :) fun photos as well!