Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Something Good - Target Brand Diapers

The Life of Rylie...and Bryce too!

About a month ago I wrote about Chloe using the potty for the first time.  She did it unprompted and unassisted and pretty much took us by surprise.  I decided I would follow her lead.  In the past month she showed minimal interest in going potty on the potty...until Thursday.  On Thursday, she wore undies to school all day and had one accident.  On Friday, she had no accidents, on Monday she stayed dry all day and during nap time.  Say What?  Yeah, I know.  I can hardly believe it myself.  So, at 2 years and 6 weeks of age, Chloe is about 50% potty trained.  She still needs to get the No. 2 down (I fear she is holding it).  And I don't expect that staying dry all night long will happen anytime soon.

I credit two things with Chloe's keen interest and quick adaptation to the potty:

1)  Her Sister - nothing like a pint sized role model to set the example
2)  Target Brand Diapers

At the suggestion of fellow blogger T. Bird. I decided I would try Target Brand Diapers.  I used Swaddlers until Chloe was about 6 months old and then I thought, hey, why not switch and see what happens.  So, I purchased one tiny pack of Target diapers and a case of Huggies Overnights.  I worried that Chloe would get a rash at night if she was sleeping in a less than a PREMIUM diaper.  It worked.  Chloe never got a rash during the day, and I was saving oodles of money - 148 diapers for $19.99...you have to be kidding me!  As Chloe got older I got more adventurous and she started sleeping in them too.  No leaks, no rashes to speak of (well, that were the diapers fault anyway - if you have explosive poo it's going to leak out Pampers or not).  Granted they feel funny to the touch when they are full, but Chloe didn't seem to mind. 

I believe now that she is 2, she is starting to mind.  She doesn't like the sensation against her skin and she doesn't want a diaper.  She wants her teeny tiny Hello Kitty undies, and she wants to potty on the potty.  SA-WEEEEEE-TTTT!  I'm going to get to stop buying diapers sooner than I expected.  These Target diapers are saving me money all over the place!

If you haven't tried them you should :)

So, that's my something good!


LeeAnn said...

I'm so happy that Chloe is doing so well with the potty training!!! I know it will be so nice to be out of diapers for good...I'm certainly looking forward to it.

I am definitely a Pampers snob when it comes to diapers. Although we did recently switch from Cruisers to Baby Dry because they are softer, and I hated how the lining of the Cruisers always got stuck to baby butts. Rylie did get an awful lot of rashes, and I wished I had given up my obsession with "premium" diapers and tried some different ones...knowing what I know now, I have a feeling it would have helped.

Thanks for linking up today!!!!

TV's Take said...

What a great idea! My child is so stubborn that not only will she hate the target diapers but then she won't got potty either.... thanks for the suggestion!

Jennifer said...

Hey there Carol...sorry have not been by this week. We have been crazy and blogger has been on the outs...LOL! I am so going to try the Target brand diapers. Believe it or not, I usually buy Luvs. Both of my kids did better with them than the Huggies or Pampers. But, hey, if I can save money, why not?? Hopefully Chloe will done soon and you will be saving alot more money!!

Nessa said...

We love Target diapers... they messed up our baby registry and gave me a case of free ones and I am so glad they did. They are great. Hooray for Chloe!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

My best friend swears by Target diapers. My youngest has been out of diapers for 2 years, so I've never tried them, but I'll definitely give them a shot with this baby!
I'm so glad Chloe is doing so well with it!