Saturday, May 28, 2011

SOOC Saturday - Remembrance

Dancing in the Rain

I've been trying to participate in my girl Sassy's weekly meme, but just haven't quite gotten it together enough to remember to blog on a Saturday.  So, it figures that this week she's taking the holiday weekend off, and here I am ready to finally link up. 

This evening we went to our National Cemetery to Remember....She doesn't remember, she doesn't even know the significance of Memorial Day, yet she gets it...

SOOC (Straight out of the camera):


Thanks, Sassy for the opportunity to see beauty in my photos just the way they are.  It's a wonderful thing when you can appreciate a photo without feeling the need to edit it into perfection. 

Join Sassy next week for SOOC Saturday!



Eastlyn and co. said...

And here I was ready to join the meme thinking it was "so out of control" Saturday. My camera skills are not up to snuff enough to participate in this one. Sometimes what comes "straight out of my camera" is a little scary! Have a great weekend. Tomorrow is my first Sunday off since I began working and I will be front and center at church in the morning to witness 9 little people receive their first Holy Communion. What a great homecoming it will be! I miss some catching up to do. -E

Jennifer said...

Totally captures the spirit of the holiday :)

Sassy said...

Beautiful picture Carol! (Like always!:) I love your perspective and view through the lens.