Monday, May 9, 2011

My Kid Flashed the Congregation...on Mother's Day

And I couldn't be prouder. 

Sunday morning was the last day of Children's Choir at Church and also the last time the children sang in the traditional service.  The last time Cam sang in this service I had to bribe her to wear the out-dated and musty choir robe.  I can't say I really blame her.  She didn't want to cover up her cute little dress with a hideous white cotton robe with blue lapels and huge blue cuffs at the wrists. 

Yesterday, she donned the robe on without me having to ask and as hideous as it was, she still looked so cute in it.  I was asked to help out in the Pre-K class, so I stayed in the chapel and watched the children rehearse their song and then assisted in walking them over to the sanctuary.  Cam held my hand the entire time.  As I directed her to her spot on the stage, I took my spot stage right, and out of view of the video camera (this Momma does not need to be on TV) to watch the children sing.

All was going as planned and the children were almost through the 2nd verse...they were singing...

"Jesus loves, Jesus loves, me, me, me, 
It's written in the bible you see, see, see,
The bible tells me so,
And I know, I know, I know
Jesus, loves, Jesus, loves, me, me, me."

Camdyn was sailing through it.  She was standing there with her hands at her sides and she was paying attention to the choir director, and then suddenly she became possessed with the spirit of Marilyn Monroe.  Think white dress, standing over an air vent, only it's a white choir robe and she's at the mercy of her own hands.

During the last "me, me, me" Camdyn takes her hands, which were griping the sides of her choir robe...and her dress....and makes a big ole rainbow with her hands,
From left, to right, to left, in perfect rhythm with the song.  It was like she was doing the "can can" for a moment.   Everyone in the congregation let out a HUGE, collective, chuckle. 

Now, I was watching from the side view, so I don't really know how much the congregation saw of Camdyn, but gathering from their response, I assume it wasn't totally indecent (good thing we make it a practice to ALWAYS wear shorts under our dresses), and the cuteness factor was definitely off the charts.

Honestly, there is just no containing her personality.  She tried to stifle it but at the very end it comes tumbling out.  As we walked back to the chapel I praised her and made no mention of the slightly indecent, but hilarious mishap. 

I might, however, have to re-think how much Dancing with the Stars she watches.

Happy Monday!


Ashley said...

Ha! Kids will be kids right!?

LeeAnn said...

Hahahahaha. I love that kid!

Jennifer said...

OMG!! I love it :) You are going to be in big trouble...LOL!

TV's Take said...

Cute and even better that you embraced it.

Mama Hen said...

This story is so cute! I can see her deput now! That is so funny! My mom always likes to tell the story about when I was about two or three and my tights were slipping down and in the middles of church I decided to dance through the aisles and sing at the top of my lungs. So, that story about Camdyn will go on for another forty years and then some! :) I hope you had a fabulous Mother's Day my friend! You are such an amazing mommy!

Mama Hen