Thursday, April 14, 2011

What a Tangled Web We Weave

Well, it's Tangled...but not like that.

Last Friday night, Camdyn hosted her first ever "party" which was not related to a birthday. 

We had ourselves a Tangled in 3D pajama party with two of Camdyn's pre-school friends.  Cam's uncle JJ pre-ordered the Tangled DVD as part of her Christmas present last year, and when the box arrived from Amazon we couldn't wait to let her open it.  She watched the regular version over and over that weekend, and then the party planning began, so we put the movie away for a week so she would be excited to watch it with her friends on Friday night.

And, boy were they excited.

We started the evening off with playtime until the sun set, because 3D movies are that much awesomer in total darkness. 

Then, we opened a gift from Miss Becky.  She bought all of the girls tiny Rapunzel dolls, which they LOVED and played with all night long.

Apr 2011_0002-1
Then, Chloe went to bed, and the lights were turned down, and our living room transformed in to a movie house. 
Apr 2011_0003-1
The girls ate popcorn, and drank lemonade out of Rapunzel cups with purple bendy straws.  They giggled, and sang along with the movie.  They cheered, and covered their eyes, and comforted each other when things got a little scary.  They ate ice cream sundaes and stayed up way past their bedtimes.  They enjoyed themselves to the hilt.

I'm looking forward to more times like these, times spent with older kids who carry on their own conversations, kids who are building friendships, discovering the world, and exerting true independence.  I'm looking forward to more play dates, and sleepovers, and being the Momma that is down for that in a moment's notice. 

With every age and stage there are perks....and this is one of them.


Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

What a fun night. I love the movie Tangled. I think it is one of my all time favorite Disney movies so far.

Liz said...

So glad it went so well! I look forward to nights like this with Chloe and Abby :)

Ashley said...

This is SO awesome Carol!! How old is Camdyn? Altho I can only imagine a sleep over with my son's friends would be a little more crazy. :)

Jennifer said...

What a fun night!! I am sure the girls were so excited. And it was so nice of you to play hostess...I am sure the other mom's appreciated that..LOL! These are times that truly make being a kid so fun. And with 2 girls, you are going to have many more pajama parties, I am sure of it!

Alisia said...

I love your blog! It is so fun! Who knew that we had this connection!? We will have to have a little blogger pow-wow sometime! :)

Alisia said...

Oh, and I LOVE the tangled movie party! Adorable!

TV's Take said...

Now that looks like fun! I have always felt that I'll be a better mom when KLV hits 3 and beyond.

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I bet the girls had a blast!

LeeAnn said...

I love this post! How fun! I can't wait to have a bunch of giggly girls spend the night at my house...staying up all night, watching movies, etc. I remember my slumber parties so well and can't wait for Rylie to have that kind of fun. You're such an awesome mom!