Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Vacuuming and toilet scrubbing can wait. I have children to enjoy.

On Saturday, we attended the annual egg hunt which is held by our church.  This year, scores of children attended.  Here Cam & her Bestie pose for a quick photo before they run off to play games.

Apr 2011_0006-1

They separate the hunt in to 3 different age groups.  The toddler hunt was held on the sand volleyball courts at the park.  We nearly missed it.  I had to run with Chloe in my arms to the back of the court so that she could pick up just a handful of eggs.  She was a natural egg picker upper.

Apr 2011_0018-1

And then the bigger kids lined up on the softball field for their turn.  Of course, the eggs aren't really hidden, they are more or less scattered throughout the field.

Apr 2011_0022-1

It was still fun.

Apr 2011_0026-1

Each child got to collect 10 eggs.  We ended up collecting more than that, so we threw a few back.
Apr 2011_0028-1

We let Chloe participate too because I felt badly for partially missing the toddler hunt. 
Apr 2011_0035-1

And in the wink of an eye - it was over. 

I asked Chloe if I could hold her basket and she said, "no."  I asked her if I could hold her hand, and she does this:
Apr 2011_0040-1

Every now and then I get to complaining about how busy things are; how our weekends end up jammed with one social activity followed by another.  But, then I stop and think...I wouldn't have it any other way.  The childhood joy of participating in events like this, the memories created year after year, make it all worth while. 

The vacuuming and the toilet scrubbing can wait.  I have children to enjoy.



Liz said...

The baskets are adorable!! I'm hoping Abby's isn't too big for her to tote around this weekend when we do our egg hunt.... it looks huge in her hands!!

That last photo of Chloe is adorable... so sweet!

Kate West said...

Your babies are so beautiful! Can't believe how fast they're growing up. :)

Kate said...

So true! And your girls in their matchy matchy dresses are too stinkin' cute. BTW, to respond to your comment, like everything else with a camera I know very little, but the lens hood helps protect it from a clumsy clunky me. :)

TV's Take said...

Cute! Love that photo of Cam looking off into the distance looking impatient for it to start. Also the photo of Chloe's hand behind her back - I know that - get it myself.

Jennifer said...

So glad the girls had fun! Love Chloe with her hand on her hip...LOL! These are times to treasure...the cleaning the toilet is no match for an Easter egg hunt with your girls :)

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Your last line summed it up perfectly!
Great Easter egg hung pictures. The girls looked cute in their matching dresses!