Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Something Good - My two

The Life of Rylie...and Bryce too!

Today I'm linking up with LeeAnn and participating in her new meme.  The point is to highlight something good in your day, week, life, in order to get the positive energy flowing and just to make the world a little bit brighter.  So often we read stories of tragedies, the evening news capitalizes on our fears, and when you add it all up, the amount of negative and disturbing information that we process on a daily basis is cause for all of us to become afflicted with anxiety disorders and panic attacks. 

My MIL (God rest her soul) used to always say, "Carol!  Stop putting that negating Sh!t out there.  Positive thoughts bring positive results."  I think she was right.  So, here we go...Imma about to tell you somethings that are good!

This morning, I was witness to the cutest thing ever:

The clock reads 7:30 am, it's time to load up the truck to leave for school.  As I'm pouring my cup of coffee for the road I hastily shout to the girls that it is time to brush teeth because we need to leave.  They both scamper off to the bathroom.  I follow to "load" their toothbrushes (it's a lot less messy when momma does it) and then ask them to brush.  Chloe quickly follows this with a "no."  I shake my head.  "Can Momma please help you brush?"  "no."  I leave the bathroom.  I'm trying to figure out if I really want to fight this battle this morning.  I stir the creamer in my coffee, and as I walk back down the hallway to the bathroom I hear a 5 year old voice say, "Chloe show me your cheese face. No, Chloe.  Like this.  Do this."  I walk in and find Camdyn diligently brushing Chloe's teeth.  She hit every angle, she brushed every tooth and Chloe stood there patiently while Sissy brushed her teeth.
Make My Heart Sing.

In other news that makes me happy.  I'm really looking forward to our trip to Busch Gardens with LeeAnn and her family this Saturday.  It's been on my calender for months and I'm excited that we are finally connecting again.  And, this Momma is having a Girl's Night Out on Saturday night too with the O Squad.  The two girls that I've known the longest here, the girls that have been there through thick and thin.  The girls that have their place in this post about how important every friendship is.  I'm sure a night will be had.

So, that's the sunshine in my life right now.  I hope you take a minute to Thank God for all of your blessings and embrace Something that is Good. 

Thanks, LeeAnn for this link up....I already feel like my day is off to a better start :)


Jennifer said...

I am loving LeeAnn's new meme (ok...what does 'meme' stand for?). I think we could all use some positivity in our lives these days. Taking the time to stop and focus on the good is something we all need to do more often!! I love when the older siblings 'teach' the younger ones how to do new things. Sometimes I think the younger one's would rather hear it from their brother or sister than from a parent! So great that you and LeeAnn are getting together again. Someday when I make it to sunny FL we will all meet up :)

Andrea said...

That sounds precious! I always wonder how I'm going to fight these battles in the morning...sounds like this one worked out really well for you!

LeeAnn said...

I love this story! Camdyn is such an awesome big sister! And now I'm wondering if we let Rylie brush Bryce's teeth, maybe they would actually get brushed? Because right now, all we get is "NO!" too.

I can't wait for Saturday!!! I'm so glad that we get to hang out again, and of course I'm looking forward to that beer and Dippin Dots. ;-)

Thank you for linking up with us today! I'd love to see this meme take off and see some more good in the world. :-D

Liz said...

I love this idea! I'll have to join LeeAnn next week :) Hearing that story makes me so excited to add a little one to our family. (No, not yet ...) Moments like that are so special!

Sassy said...

What a great big sister! This meme is such a great idea!!! There's too much negativity online anymore. And a theme I am noticing is mommy bloggers either "being real" and always blogging about the bad side of motherhood, or being judgemental and calling out other moms on their choices. This new meme is so refreshing!

Have fun at Busch Gardens! We never did make it there. But definitely next time! :)

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Your girls are so sweet! I hope you had a great weekend!