Monday, April 4, 2011

Round 'em Up

Last Thursday night the whole family (Gramma included) attended Kindergarten Round-up at the elementary school that Cam will attend next year. 

When we walked through the door I was surprised to see kids in cowboy hats and then it dawned on me the Round-up name was actually a theme!  As luck would have it, it was rodeo week at Cam's school, so she had on her horse shirt, and pink cowgirl boots, and then was issued a cowboy hat when we registered.  CUTE!

If you know my kid, then you know how much she loves all things country western and she was in her element at Kindergarten Round-up.

I tried to stifle the urge to take photos, but I just couldn't, so I snapped this one of Cam & her pre-school school friend just as we entered the cafeteria (using my purse camera which is always with me).  Of course, Cam was having a hard time focusing because there was so much to look at, horse photos, a face painter, a balloon maker, and a magician. 

The girls got their faces painted and they browsed the library and book fair before the orientation began.  They assigned each child to a kindergarten teacher based on the colors of our program.  About 10 minutes in to the program they dismissed the children to go with their assigned Kindergarten teacher to see the classroom, read a story, and make a craft.  The parents were supposed to stay in the cafeteria, but you know how excited parents are, so ALL of the parents walked the children to the classroom.  Cam walked right next to her teacher all the way down the hallway.  She was talking her ear off about her cowgirl boots, horses, and all things rodeo related.  It was really awesome to see just how easy going and out going she is. 

Shortly after arriving in the classroom they instructed the parents to return to the cafeteria for more information and insured us that our children would be fine.  Well, I didn't hesitate, I think we were the first parents out the door.  I  was not going to be that hovering, clingy mom.  So, I left my kid sitting on the carpet, with her hand raised and about to ask a question about the craft.

The rest of the orientation was pretty basic and they returned the kids to us about a half hour later.  Mine was all smiles.  She was so proud of the horse she made and she said to me, "Momma I liked that class, but it was way too short!"  And, some kids were crying in the parents arms, traumatized by the separation, new environment, etc.

While getting ready to leave for the evening two different moms (well, I assume they were moms) came up to me and told me what a great job Camdyn did.  I don't really know what she did that made them say that; did she ask good questions about the story, did she share nicely, did she use good manners?  I'm not really sure, but I was proud of her for making an impression. 

Now, I don't worry for one second about Cam liking Kindergarten.  She's a social kid, she'll make friends easily, and she'll adapt well.  I don't expect that she'll cry on her first day.  I just hope that she develops a respect for her teacher and the rules and that it all kind of clicks for her next year.

One thing is for certain....I think that both of us are excited about Kindergarten next year!


LeeAnn said...

Wow. Kindergarten. How exciting! It sounds like she is going to do wonderfully! I know you are both looking forward to it. I'm sure it will be nice to be the parent walking out on that first day without her kid chasing her down screaming. ;-) Let me know how that feels because I doubt that will be me. LOL

And how awesome was that "Round Up" they put on for you guys? What a great way to get the kids excited about kindergarten!

Have a great week! I am going to try to email you later...

Jennifer said...

Just send you an email on this....LOL! So glad she had fun. Kindergarten is going to be great..probably harder on us...LOL!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

It sounds like she's going to do really well in Kindergarten!

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

I am so glad that she like it. Way to go Cam!

Adam said...

I love everything rodeo! I'm trying to convince my wife to let me "train" Isaac for mutton busting. Win some scholarship money early!

Glad yours loves Western as well.

J.Mo said...

I'm trying to think back....since we live in the same part of the country, wasn't is SUPER nasty out last Thursday?!
At any rate, I'm glad Cam did well.... I can't imagine my little one going off to school...luckily I've got a few more years.... ;)

TV's Take said...

That's awesome! So glad she did well and made you proud. Go Cam