Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - TWO

A Two Year Old Child is So Many Things
A Tiny Discoverer of Butterfly Wings,
A Hugger of Teddies,
A Sweet Sleepyhead,
And Someone to Dream for in Bright Years Ahead...
~Author Unknown

Mar 2011_0093-1

During the Birthday Song, Chloe waits confusedly to blow out her candles.

Mar 2011_0078-1

Waiting on her lunch to be delivered to her. This is pretty much the expression she wore all day.  No tantrums, but no smiles either.

Mar 2011_0128-1

Chloe bounced and bounced and bounced on her birthday.  Bounce houses are way more fun when you get to bounce alone or with one or two friends.

Mar 2011_0146-1

Chloe had a great birthday party.  The kids really seemed to enjoy the food, the bounce house, the playroom, and the pool!  As rushed and thrown together as the party was, it turned out perfectly. 

Many thanks to all my friends who dropped their plans and made Chloe a part of their Saturday morning!


Britt said...

Happy Birthday!!!

LeeAnn said...

Hey...if there were no tantrums, I would consider that a great day! :-) Yay for bounce houses!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I'm so glad she had a good party!

TV's Take said...

How sweet! I'm sure she enjoyed it immensly.

Mama Hen said...

A big happy birthday again Chloe! Any bouncing at a birthday party makes it a super fun birthday party! :) I am so happy it was a wonderful day! Thank you for your comment about children being children Carol. My daughter is full of life also and somehow schools have a really hard time with children being children. I have been annoyed that she has not been doing art the whole year. My goodness, it is preschool! I do a lot at home, but why isn't art and music being done all day at school. When I taught fourth grade I always incorporated art and music in my daily lessons. The students thrived. I just feel that children today are under so much pressure at such a young age and it really bothers me. We want them to be children, but we also want them to fit in with their peers and do well in school. The sad thing is that I really do not agree with what is expected so early on and the curriculum, but what can we do? Next year my daughter will be in Kindergarten and the school is one of the best. That means more pressure to keep scores up. So that is more stress on the children. Anyway, I know you want to work on reading each night because like us all, you want to know that you are making the stress less in school. Juts print out that article I read like myself so we can remind ourselves of what is truly important. Have a good day my friend!

Mama Hen

Jennifer said...

I am so glad she had a nice time on her birthday. Sometimes I think they get a little overwhelmed with it all. So, no smile, no is all good :)

Colleen (Shibley Smiles) said...

Wow girl she is looking so big!

MoosCloset said...

She did not look like a happy camper waiting on her lunch. LOL.

New follower btw!

torie@Life With Rylie said...

Aw. She is so adorable! She is growing up so fast!