Friday, March 11, 2011

My Kid Learned How to Play Spin the Bottle


Y'all I don't know if this is hilarious or disturbing...probably a little bit of both.  So, I share this with you for laughs and input. 

Last night we were sitting around the table eating cereal dinner.  The conversation went like this:

Me:  Cam you must be hungry that is your 2nd helping of Chicken and Asparagus Rice Krispies.
Cam:  I'm having seconds.  Daddy?  Have you ever played spin the bottle?
Daddy:  ::falls off chair::
Me:  ::wide eyes, mouth gaping::  What kind of game is that?
Cam:  You know, the kind where you spin the bottle.
Me:  Oh.  Who do you play this game with?
Cam:  I play with "sally" on the carpet at school.
Me:  Hum...
Daddy:  ::still on the floor::
Me:  How do you play the game?
Cam:  ON THE CARPET.  It's impossible to cheat at spin the bottle. 
Me:  Oh.
Daddy:  ::looks at me:: I think we are thinking of two very different games...

Later that night I emailed "Sally's" mother to share this conversation with her, mostly because I found it hilarious...AT THE TIME.  It turns out when "Sally" was picked up from school yesterday another little girl ran up to her and said something about spin the bottle and then kissed her on the lips. 

WAIT A MINUTE.  I thought we were talking about a board game...this sounds like the same spin the bottle game that I was imagining....

After further discussion, it turns out that there is an Arthur game on the computer in their classroom.  In part of the game Francine daydreams about playing spin the bottle, the bottle lands on Arthur and she kisses him.  I believe the computer game is tied to this episode the girls in the class saw that and decided to start acting it out.  It's not like they were actively taught how to play the game, and it's innocent as can be.  I just don't know how I feel about a 5 year old talking about playing spin the bottle.

So, my quandary is...Do I bring this to the teacher's/director's attention and request that the kids don't play that game anymore or Do I just let it go and figure that if I don't make a big deal of it then the kids won't make a big deal of it and they'll forget all about it?

What would you do?  Either way, I guess this is preparation for what the future holds.  I'm sure she's going to be exposed to a lot more when she enters the wide wide world of elementary school next year.

And, here are a few photos taken at the park last weekend.

Mar 2011_0028-1

Mar 2011_0029-1

Happy Friday, Y'all!


Colleen (Shibley Smiles) said...

Oh wow. This is a tough one because to them it is a fun game to us as adults it means so much more.

You could if you like maybe discuss it with the teacher not really suggesting they stop or continue and see her take on it.

Oh man I can hear the stories year from now. CAM remembering the days when she played spin the bottle at 5 LOL!

Lindsey said...

Oh wow I agree this is a tough one. As a preschool teacher I saw games like this take place and would redirect them to something else, I mean really? Wow, the things they learn so quickly and early, it' scary!

Liz said...

Cereal again?! Wasn't that dinner twice this week? LOL...

Anyways, I would maybe see how the next few days go and the kiddies might just forget all about it. If it keeps going on, I would bring it to the teachers attention and see how she feels about it.

I totally agree with Lindsey - kids are growing up way too fast!!! They learn so quick and early on!

Kelley said...

Hahaha!!! I guess I bring it to the teacher's attention. I don't know that I'd say they absolutely can't play it again, but...maybe something else should be suggested? I mean, it's as cute as can be. I don't know. Maybe do nothing! I would have been laughing, too!

Your pictures (and your girls) are gorgeous!

Cole said...

Wow. I guess I would mention it to the teacher just to make sure she was aware of it... I actually think it's kind of odd that Arthur would include that in their game.

TV's Take said...

Love those photos - you are one snappy photographer! Hmmm, that's hard. Like some of the other suggestions I would mention it to the teacher but not demand anything as a result...

Jennifer said...

Okay...I totally was not expecting this to be the post!!LOL! I am sure you and your hubs were in total shock, especially a dad to two girls...LOL! It is so amazing to me how absorbant kids really are. They mimic everything they hear and see. It was all innocent fun, but I am not sure what I would do. I am shocked it was on that show. I am going to have to check out the episode. I might mention it to the teacher, but keep it very light. It is okay...Christopher came home and told me he was taking a girl on a 'date' to the park as soon as the weather warms up..LOL! This will be one you will be laughing about for years to come :)

Sassy said... the pictures (like always!:) Second...I personally would bring it to the teachers attention. She probably has no idea what is going on and would probably feel the same way you do!

LeeAnn said...

Wow! It amazes me what these kids pick up. Things that we probably wouldn't pay attention to, they soak up like a sponge. I would mention it to the teacher, but still not make a big deal about it. To them it is harmless fun. Just like anything else, they'll probably forget about it in a week and move on to the next game. I have to say this post was pretty funny. My kid came home and told me she got married, so I don't really know which is worse. LOL

Look at Chloe's hair!!! Do I see little curls in the back?