Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Chubby Cheeks

There was a day when I thought these chubby cheeks
would never un-chubby
I thought they were there to stay  
and I almost wished them away
I still kissed them endlessly
They Vanished,
yet I still do...
Kiss them endlessly

pic10 013

Tomorrow night our family will be visiting the elementary school for Kindergarten Round-up.  This is our opportunity to see the school, meet the teachers, and pick up registration information for next year.  It's exciting, but it's also heart-breaking.  My chubby toddler, who is now a strong and athletic pre-schooler, will be a Kindergartner in a few months. 

Someone stop time for me....
just long enough for me to catch my breath. 


Jennifer said...

Chuuby cheeks are my weaknes...LOL! She is too precious. Good luck tomorrow night with Kindergarten round-up. I am sure it will be great. A new school, new friends and new experiences are sometimes nerve racking, but well needed.

Liz said...

Oh wow! You did go old school and I love it!!! What a cutie. I can't believe Cam will be starting kindergarten. I remember the baby stage with her like it was yesterday. :(

themrs said...

when i dropped off my first child at kindergarten i sat in the car and cried like a baby. when i dropped off my third (this past year) all i could think was "three down, two to go!" lol

those ARE some adorable cheeks :)

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

What a cute picture!! My kids always love the Mr. Potato glasses.

nicole@ said...

I am a new follower fro WW. Love the cheeks asa well. I have a picture of my son with those glasses on.

TV's Take said...

Look at those cheeks, soooo cute. Hope your school tour etc go great.

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

That time comes so quickly! Praying that it's a smooth transition for all of you!