Friday, March 18, 2011

To Chloe Belle on Her 2nd Birthday {Slideshow}

Dearest Chloe Belle,
Now, two years after the day you joined our family, it feels as though you have always been here.  I can hardly remember the times when I was not Momma to two little girls.  It seems as though your little blondish head has been bee-bopping right along with your sister's since the beginning of time.  I dig that about having two kids. 

Tomorrow we will celebrate you in a very spur of the moment, impromptu, birthday party that has ever been planned and executed in a mere 3 days.  It's my fault really.  I couldn't quite come to terms with leaving you on the night of your birthday to go to that concert that I really wanted to go to.  So, I procrastinated, hoping at some point it would feel right.  It never did.  So, with 4 days left until the main event, I decided that you should have a party and we would celebrate, because my dear, that is what feels RIGHT. 

We'll celebrate everything about you that is Two.  We'll celebrate your reluctance to have your diaper changed, unless we are laying you down on the memory foam bathmat that we purchased just for that purpose.  We'll celebrate your open mouth laugh and the high pitch squeal that comes with sheer excitement.  We'll celebrate your love for Nay-Nays and cows and revel in the way the words "baby cow" and "I nice to Trace" sound as they come out of your tiny mouth.  We'll celebrate your sweetness; the way you give bear hugs and your insistence on kissing Daddy & Sissy before we rock at bed time.  We'll celebrate your sour side too; the side that knows what she wants and does whatever she can to get it. 

We'll celebrate all that is YOU.

As your birthdays begin to roll two becomes three, and three becomes four, I am aware at just how precious each year is.  Next year at this time, the toddler will have worn off and pre-schooler will be written all over your vocabulary, thoughts, and actions.  No sooner do I adjust to it, will you be entering the doors of Kindergarten.  Time can't stand still and I don't want it to.  I just want to remember it.  All the quirks and nuances that make two such a fun age.  The new sentences like, "I don't want it" and "I wuv you more" that melt my heart and befuddle me at the same time.  The skinned knees and tiny hand holding; the playground adventures; and big crocodile tears.  I want to lock them away in my memory bank; the toddler in you won't last another year.  You are growing up. 

And, I want you to grow up....but....I never want you to feel too old to call me with your problems.  I never want you to feel too old to crawl in bed with me at night when you are sad, scared, or lonely. 

I want you to grow up always feeling this loved and protected and adored.  I want you to grow up knowing that home is always home, and that you have a soft spot to fall.  I want you to grow up and be you; keep the fire in your eyes, let the sweetness shine, and grow in to the wonderful little girl you are destined to be.

But somewhere behind my smile, I'll be wishing that you never grew up.  I'll be wishing that things were always this simple.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Sweet Bellie Boo

Love Forever and Always,


Jennifer said...

OMG...I swear, the tears are rolling down my face. I just watched it with my boys (they want to know when we can go you play with your girls...LOL). I have never heard that song...but I am going to be downloading it now. It makes you realize that time with these kiddos is so precious and that you need to savor every moment. There were some adorable shots in there!! Happy Birthday to Chloe!!

t.bird said...

happy birthday!

LeeAnn said...

Happy Birthday Chloe! I hope you all have a wonderful day and weekend!

p.s. I cried. I told you I would.

Nessa said...

happy birthday!

Mama Hen said...

An enormous happy birthday Chloe! Your mommy is a super special lady who does everything she can to make sure her beautiful children and family are super happy, healthy and filled with love at all times. I hope you have a wonderful birthday! Tell mommy that her letters to you girls are always so special and lovely!

Mama Hen

TV's Take said...

LOVE the letter to Chloe and that video is soooo sweet! Thanks for sharing with us! Hope you have a fun bday with her and you'll get to see the concert some other time. Your a GREAT MOM!!! Happy Birthday Chloe!

Colleen (Shibley Smiles) said...

Beautiful! Happy Birthday to Chole

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

So sweet! Happy 2nd Birthday, Chloe!!!

torie@Life With Rylie said...

Happy Belated Birthday Chloe!! Love that Taylor Swift song. I'm a little teary (ok a lot) after that.

Mama Hen said...

You are the sweetest mommy! I love the letter and the slideshow is so cute! I love the picture with the big purse and stroller. Very sweet! I wish Chloe a very happy birthday! Two is such a wonderful year! :) You look great Carol! Have a super day!

Mama Hen

Sassy said...

Oh Carol this brought me to tears. So so so sweet. The slideshow is a great idea. I will have to consider that for my babies too!


P.S. I so did not realize how behind I was on your blog. :( I should have wished Chloe a happy birthday when I met her!

Happy Belated Birthday Chloe! You are just as cute in person as in your Momma's gorgeous pictures!