Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Photo Parade

I promised you photos and photos I have.... and a little commentary to keep things interesting.  Here we go.

This is Cam sitting in the shade of a huge tree at the Biggest Pumpkin Festival this side of the Gulf a few weekends ago.  She does this thing now where she wants to sit in the stroller because the baby sits in the stroller and there is a little bit of jealousy going on.  We let her, because it is a lot easier to push a 45 lbs  4 year old in the stroller than it is to drag one kicking and screaming and whining about sitting in the stroller. 

Cam loves the butterfly tent.  Every year its one of the first things she wants to do besides riding the ponies.  The butterflies love her.  This is the last picture we took of her before we got separated.  I shudder to think that this might have been the photo that we used on the Missing Child poster, had things not turned out the way  that they did.

On Friday, the girls had their annual Harvest Walk at school.  They don't call it a Halloween Costume Parade, because this is a church school and Halloween is a little too pagan.  But, it's fun every year. 

Here Chloe Belle points and says "Sissy!  Sissy!"  as she watches Camdyn walk by in her costume.  I was very careful not to get in Chloe's line of sight because I knew if she saw me she would want me and that would just end in tears.  So, she never saw me, but she had fun watching from the 6 seater stroller.

Camdyn was Ariel this year.  The morning of the walk I applied sparkles to her arms & face, and let her wear blush and lipstick.  She kept sucking her lips in and she tried so hard not to move them for fear her lipstick would come off.  It was so cute!  I had to tell her that it's okay, she can move her mouth normally even with lipstick on. 

I got a little misty eyed thinking this will be the last Harvest Walk that Camdyn participates in.  Next year...Kindergarten!

On Saturday morning, we attended a Halloween Treasure Hunt at a local park.  They hid little toys throughout the park and the kids got to run around and pick them up and then have some light refreshments.  It was a lot of fun. 

Here is Camdyn with a few of her favorite friends from her class. 

Chloe & Abby wore their matching bumblebee outfits to the park instead of their real costumes.  We didn't want them to mess them up too badly and we wanted them to be comfortable.  Gymboree makes some cute stuff don't they?

Chloe said "Ab-bee" for the first time ever and she was so sweet to her all day.  To my recollection she didn't push her, or pull her hair, instead she was full of hugs and attempted hand-holding. 

And then Saturday night, we attended a Halloween party that was for the kids, and adult friendly too.  We enjoyed good conversation, a few adult beverages, and watched the kids enjoy themselves. 

Chloe was the cutest little witch I've ever seen. 

On Sunday morning, I realized that I didn't have one single picture of the girls and pumpkins.  The whole snafu at the Pumpkin Festival made that less of a priority and we never made it to the pumpkin tent.  So, we played hooky from church and went to the local Pumpkin Patch.  Y'all, it was the VERY BEST day to go.  The patch was completely devoid of people.  Which #1, made losing a kid really hard to do, and #2, the pony rides lasted forever.  The girls got to ride as long as they wanted to, until they said "Whoa."  You can only imagine how long they rode.  I walked in circles so long with Chloe that I got dizzy.  Every time around I would say "Are you all done?"  She would say "Nuh uh."  My girls love horsies.

And, I got a few pictures with pumpkins, including this family shot.

And, then it was Halloween night, and we went to Mall-o-ween.  I have no pictures of that confusion because it was extremely busy, and I was not about to lose a kid at the mall.  But, it was a lot of fun, and Chloe picked up the whole concept while we were at Mall-o-ween.  So, by the time the real deal came along a few hours later, she was a pro. 

Thanks Liz for taking this picture and for inviting us over to trick-or-treat! 

If you are wondering why Hubs is wearing a grass skirt....he's the broom.  MY broom.

Yes, my tutu matches Chloe's.  I made them myself and they turned out really cute!  She wore her hat up to every door, and then after she got her candy she would pull it off and say "all done!" 

My Lovies and Auntie Liz trick-or-treating. 

Chloe was not scared of anything, not this creepy mask, or the haunted music. She wanted her candy more than she wanted to run away. When Chloe would take more than one piece of candy from the bowl, Camdyn would say, "She's just a baby. She doesn't know any better. She's only 1." She was so cute helping her sissy out and looking out for her.
And there you have it, our Halloween adventures in photos!   


Ashley Sisk said...

I love the parade - so many fun pictures!

Kate West said...

Too cute! Look slike you guys had a great time. :)

cooperl788 said...

What great pictures and what AWESOME tutus! Cam looked beautiful as Ariel, and Chloe was adorable as a little witch. Your kids are going to love looking back on these photos in a few years.

TV's Take said...

Great photos! Love the bows and the bumblebee outfits. KLV was a bumble bee this year as the fairy costume I bought was a bit too scary (?)

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

So cute!!! I love the tutus that you made. You did a great job.

The Planet Pink said...

Super cute! Love the witch costumes!

Big Fat Mama said...

What great pictures! Praise God that your family is all together! What a scary story...His mercy never leaves us.
Big Fat Mama

themrs said...


Jennifer said...

Sounds like you guys have a super weekend, filled with lots of activities. The girls looked great in all of their 'costumes.' I love the family pic where you guys are all dresses up. You looked great...loved the tutu!

Kelley said...

Ha!!! I love that he was your broom. That is adorable. Your pictures are beautiful. I do feel like I'm still holding my breath, though, over the thought of that picture be a "missing child" photo. I can't stand it!! So happy your precious girl is safe and sound with her sweet family!

Cole said...

Love the tutus - Mommy is totally jealous of your craftability! LOL at your husband as broom; that's so creative - it looks like everyone had a great time!

You should link up to my Halloween Parade :)

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

The pictures are so cute! Great tutus!

LeeAnn said...

It looks and sounds like you guys all had a great weekend!

The costumes were adorable (haven't I seen the Ariel one before heehee) and I am still cracking up that C was your broom! Oh man could I say some stuff about that. ;-)

I gotta run over and catch up with Liz now. I so wish we lived closer...

Sassy said...

Seriously love the girls costumes! Especially Chloe's! I can't get over that little ruffle bottom!

I wish it was warm enough in our neck of the woods to wear costumes like that. Half the time the kids have to cover their costumes with jackets or freeze their fanny's off. :(