Friday, November 19, 2010

Dear Chloe Belle - 20 Months

Dear Chloe Belle,
Today marks the day that you turn 20 months old and I am cognizant of the fact that there are only a handful of "month birthdays" left.  In four short months, you will celebrate your 2nd birthday and from there on out you will simply be 2, or 2 1/2, or 3 in March, and the number of months since your birth will escape my mind.

Your baby-ness is fading.

This weekend we are preparing for a garage sale and I decided to part ways with all things baby.  I believe that I have finally come to terms with the fact that you are our baby, the last baby, and that will be your place in our family.  As I was sifting through the bins and bins of clothes that you and your sissy wore, I came across the outfit that you wore home from the hospital.  It seems so tiny and sweet.  I just couldn't part with it, so I'm saving it for your Hope Chest.  One day, maybe you'll dress your little girl in it for a picture.

Your baby-ness is fading.

I think I best described you earlier this month when I wrote that you are all sweetness and spitfire.  You know what you want and what you don't want.  You are quick to push others away when you want your space or when you don't feel like being looked at or doted on.  Often, you won't allow me to push you in the swing at the park.  You push me away and favor being pushed by Miss Becky or Daddy.  That's okay with me.  For I know you.  I know that in the middle of the night when you wake, it is my name you call first before you begin with the endless string of "Daddy-s."  When you fall or get hurt, it's my name that you call out, and my chest that you love to snuggle on.  I know I have a place in your little heart.  That's the sweetness in your soul. 

Your Baby-ness is Fading.

You've recently undergone a vocabulary explosion, adding so many new words that I can't even keep track.  This week you said "Becky" for the first time as well as "Button."  You still call your milk "Mi-Mi" and prefer your bottle before bedtime over the sippy cup.  Oh, how I've tried, but you are relentless, and I am, well...tired.  I don't see the harm in the bottle, so I'll just follow you. You'll give it up when you are ready.

Your favorite game at the moment is BUS!  On our way to school you and Sissy shout "Bus!" every time we see both giggle and laugh and get so excited.  It really starts the day off right to watch you two enjoy that together.  You've also taken to watching Baby Einstein before bed.  This is the only show that you will pay attention to for a full 20 minutes.  You love to sit in my lap and watch, and then you peer over your shoulder at me for affirmation when you say certain words describing what's on the screen.  My heart explodes.  This is my favorite part of the day.  This is your sweetness.

Your Baby-ness is fading.

Your favorite book at the moment is "Goodnight Moon" and you run for your bedroom when I say, "Chloe let's go find the mouse."  You shout "mouse, mouse, mouse" until we find our way on to the floor, you situate yourself on my lap, pull up your blankie, and I open the book.  Then, you point to the mouse on every page.  It's our routine.  It fills my soul. 

Your Baby-ness is fading.

And amongst the squabbles over toys and food, and tantrums to go "side" (outside) and the spitfire that makes you who you are, you show us the sweetness; the kisses on command, puppy hugs and loves, and gentle stroking of sissy's hair.  You are the perfect mix of all that you should be.  Strong enough to stand up for yourself and your own desires, yet sweet enough to melt a heart. 

Your Baby-ness is fading.

As you continue to grow right in to the pre-schooler you are destined to be, I hope you continue to use your voice and stand up for what you want.  I hope you soak in the world around you and know that you are loved beyond words.  I hope the qualities that make you, you, even at 20 months, never change. 

You have a gift, my love, and I hope you use it.

Love you Forever & Always,


Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

What a beautiful post. It brought tears to my eyes. Sometimes it is hard to be a mom and watch our babies grow up before our eyes.

Kate said...

Dam you Carol.

cooperl788 said...

This post made me cry, maybe because I've been having those same sentimental feelings about Georgia (her birthday is in less than a month!). It just seems like a minute ago that we brought her home from the hospital and she looked like a peanut in her carseat. And now she's talking and walking and exploring everything around her. It's gone by too fast and I just want to hold on to my baby for a little longer.

Anonymous said...

So sweet Carol! I can't wait until your girls are old enough to read these special posts! What fun that will be for them!

Ashley said...

What a sweet sweet post. My daughter sounds like she has the same personality as yours! It's fun to hear what Chloe is like at 20 months, it gives me a glimpse into our future. :)

Jennifer said...

I feel those same emotions lately as Anthony is turning 20 months next week. When is Cam's birthday? I think both of our kids are around the same age :) This age for me is bittersweet. It is amazing as we watch them grow and learn and develop their own personality. But is also the hardest. Constantly chasing and little temper tantrums starting already :) She is a sweet little girl and now it is time to savor these moments before they are 2 and just look forward to the days ahead :)

TV's Take said...

So sweet! As I've said before KLV is sweet but also a pistol so the girls would have a lot of fun getting into this or that together. You are a great Mom to write such thoughtful letters to your dear daughters. They are lucky to have you.

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

I am giving you a stylish blogger award. Come on over and pick it up. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

Sorry I forgot to leave you a link for the award.

LeeAnn said...

Happy 20 months Chloe! (Sorry I'm so late over here, but well, you know why.) I think it is great that you are still counting the months with her! I was done counting months at 12. LOL

As always, I love these letters to your girls. I wish I had the ability to put my feelings into words like you do so well.

Colleen (Shibley Smiles) said...

You write such beautiful posts. One day when your children come back here and read your blog it will be amazing to them. You always seem to touch on your feelings and what is going on. I'm thinking I should start another blog just for this reason LOL.

Mama Hen said...

Carol these pictures and this post are precious! I just made my blog into a book on Blog2print and it is beautiful! You should do it so that you have everything in a journal book for your children. It was easy. It makes the book for you and in about less than ten minutes you are done. Thank you for your concern. It has been so hard! My mom is not well and it is really hurting me so much to see her this way. I appreciate your support. Have a good day! You should stop by and enter my giveaway. I never do them, but this ornament one was really cute! I think you might like it!

Mama Hen

Eastlyn and co. said...

Ditto all of the above sentiments. I love your letters to your girls, Carol. You are an awesome mom to put it in writing for their enjoyment later in life. I've enjoyed catching up on your posts even though I didn't comment on all of them, I just wanted you to know I've been by. Thanks for your sweet words and prayers. Your comment brought fresh tears to my eyes. Thank you.

SoFla Mama said...

I had to stop reading since my eyes teared up so much. For I, too, have a 20-month old....gah! I think he's 21-months old :P

This was beyond sweet.

Ashes said...

beautiful photos. Isn't it sad how our children grow up tooooo fast!!!

Happy Holidays to you and your family.

It's an Adorable Life said...

Oh my goodness!! You just completely read my mind!! I am going through the same thing! My Lexie will be 2 at the end of December and she is also our second and final baby. It is SO bitter sweet to see her grow! I just cleaned out her closet last weekend to make room for new clothes that actually "fit." It was SO hard to part with those sweet, tiny clothes. Awww.....what emotions we go through as mommys!!

Happy Holidays!