Monday, November 8, 2010

Florida is Freezing - It's Fifty-Five!

It got cold this weekend, and when I say cold, I really mean Florida cold.  When the weather dips beneath a crisp 75 degrees, the year-round FL residents catch a chill.  We run and grab jackets, throw on the jeans, and opt for closed toed shoes.  You can only imagine the mayhem when the high is 69 and the lows hover in the low 50's. 

It was 55 degrees Saturday morning when we pulled in to the Busch Gardens parking lot. With the move quickly approaching we figured we should dedicate a Saturday to fun before life becomes preoccupied with packing boxes.

We bundled the baby up good.  She has only worn a hat like this a handful of times, and much to my surprise she liked it.  She got pretty upset when I pulled it off of her head half way through the day.  Here she rides the carousel and says "Nay Nay Nay" the entire ride.

And, we dealt with the nippy wind in our faces, even as we rode rides that swooped and spun.  The cold weather is a nice change from the heat and humidity.  We didn't complain.   

Camdyn crawled inside of this giant hippo in a play area right next to the area where we were having lunch.  She played with a boy in there, and I love the way her little feet are pointed.  It signifies childhood innocence to me.  I wish this photo wasn't so blurry. 
And, of course we saw the elephants.  Camdyn loves this part of the park and usually wants to go straight to the elephants the moment we walk through the gates.  We saw them feed on bananas, cantaloupes, apples, and sweet potatoes.
Then, we piled in the car and headed for home.  The girls slept the entire way and woke up as we pulled in the drive-way.  We spent the rest of the evening at home, playing outside and enjoying the weather that finally means Fall is here.  The weather that swings, from sixties to eighties in a day.  The weather that means that Christmas is coming.  The weather that brings the northerners south. 

And then, we put the girls in their fleecy footie jammies and tucked them in tightly. 

Bring it winter.  Bring it.


cooperl788 said...

What a fun day, even if it was cold outside! I love the pictures of the elephants - it's neat how they're all in sync. And the photo of Chloe is adorable - Georgia has a hat like that too and she loves it.

LeeAnn said...

No closed toed shoes for me today. It has to be a lot colder than this for that. But yeah, this weather is definitely a nice change. I love Chloe in her hat. Cute!

I'm so glad you guys had a fun day at Busch Gardens. Hopefully we can join you next time!

Lindsey said...

What an adorable pic, love the hat!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

What a fun day! I love the first picture. 55 is cold for me, here in PA! Then again, I'm always cold!

TV's Take said...

Love the hat - she is such a cute baby! Also love the picture of Cam's feet, really great image. It's starting to get a little cooler here as well and I'm loving it. I'm starting to play with my new Canon! I'm now a photo addict! Thanks for stopping by and being such a sweet and kind bloggy friend.

Jennifer said...

Love Chloe in her little hat..she looks adorable. I love that you guys are bundling up at only 55 degree..LOL! I guess it must be nice to enjoy that kind of weather when it comes along :) Glad you guys had a great time at Busch Gardens.

Ashley said...

We were in the low 60's today and were freezing. Haha. Love the hat!

Anne said...

Love the hat in 55 degrees - and that picture is adorable. It was in the 40s this morning here in Los Angeles and I love the cooler weather. The picture of the feet is really darling.

Mama Hen said...

Looks like fun! That first picture is so cute! That is really cold, but it gets you in the spirit of the season. I always like crisp air and the smell of Christmas. Stay bundled up! Have a great night Carol!

Mama Hen

Colleen (Shibley Smiles) said...

As you can see I'm way behind on reading blogs. The weather down this way was just a little nicer though my wimpy husband complained constantly and put the heat on in the house!