Friday, July 31, 2009

Three and Cavity FREE!

Today, Camdyn had her very 1st Dental Appointment with Dr. Ronk, a Pediatric Dentist in town. We prepared for the visit by reading "The Tooth Book" by Dr. Seus, actually it might be penned by Theo LeSieg (either way, it's Dr. Seuss). We talked about how the lady would brush her teeth for her and how the boy Dr. would look at her teeth with a mirror and would wiggle them with a funny stick. We didn't overly focus on the visit because I didn't want there to be too much apprehension.
We arrived on time at 8:30 and Cam bolted for all the toys in the waiting room. They quickly called us back and we got down to business. First, the lady (hygenist) showed Camdyn all of her instruments and let her feel them, they talked about how the soft brush made a cool noise, how water squirted out of the stick, and how the suction thing gave her fish kisses. Cam didn't have any problem laying down for the cleaning. The lady put purple stuff on her teeth and showed her that the areas that turned pink had plaque. Then, they brushed it all away. Camdyn did wonderfully, until I stood up to snap a picture (shown above). Then, she got teary eyed and wanted to sit up. She cried some faker tears and before she knew it, it was all over. We started to read a book and then the boy doctor (the dentist) walked in and Camdyn couldn't get on the table fast enough! She fully cooperated as he looked at her teeth with the mirror and wiggled them with the metal stick. She really liked the boy doctor!

Turns out that Camdyn has no cavities and they'll see her again in 6 months. She got 3 stickers and to pick out a prize and then I let her play in the waiting room for a few minutes so she would be excited to come back. It was a quick and painless visit and went a lot smoother than I expected. The doctor was a nice man, although on the old side (his hands were shakey - If I were to guess....70???), so as long as Camdyn never needs a cavity filled or heaven forbid a root canal, I'm sure she'll like it there just fine!

When we got in the car Camdyn told me that she cried because she didn't like the purple stuff..."it was dirty mommy and I don't like dirty teeth." She also said she liked the boy doctor a lot better than the girl doctor! So, after much praise, and a stop at starbucks for chocolate milk, I dropped her off at school where she joined her friends on the playground and gave me nose kisses through the chainlink fence.
I'm so happy that I can check that off the to-do list with a smile on my face!

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