Monday, July 27, 2009

Snip Snip and Sandy Feet

This weekend was filled with a few firsts for the Piersoll girls. On Saturday morning, Camdyn went with me and Gramma to Spa Hollywood for her first professional haircut. I'd taken it upon myself to trim Camdyn's hair myself several times. The child is a chronic hair twirler and she twists her extremely fine hair until it breaks off or winds up in knots. Because of this, I've had to trim the back of her hair up to avoid the mullet affect. So, we arrive at the Spa and it's a pretty lively and swanky place. They were doing FREE haircuts for children under 12, so thankfully, there were quite a few children around. This made the process so much easier. I was fearful that Camdyn would refuse to sit in the chair, but much to my chagrin, Camdyn cooperated - FULLY. She had her hair wet down in the shampoo bowl, then proceeded to the stylist's chair, where she willingly donned the black cape, and stared at her knees while the stylist snipped away at the fine ends of her hair. Gramma and I couldn't wipe the grins off of our faces as we snapped a few photos of this hallmark moment. Camdyn doesn't have much hair to begin with, but now she has side-swoopy bangs and some layers in the back. She was promptly rewarded with a giant cookie from the cookie tray and then we went on our merry way. She was so proud of her first haircut!

Later that evening, we met the Brester's for pizza at Demetrios and then headed to the beach for sunset. This was Miss Chloe Belle's first trip to the Beach! I stood her in the sand and she actually smiled when her little baby toes hit the beach. This was quite a shock to me, as this child doesn't deal well with the unexpected. She also didn't mind the ocean water on her toes, and why would she, it's about 88 degrees. She screamed and hollered when I attempted to stick her in the pool a few weeks back, but the gulf water suited her just fine. So, Camdyn played with Jadyn and eventually Chloe resolved to sleeping in my arms. The view was serene and the evening peaceful until Camdyn dropped a bucket of wet sand on her toes. Stop for a second and think about the last time you dropped something heavy on your foot, or stubbed your toe...oh the pain! Now, pretend that you are 3 and dropped something heavy on your foot. OUCH! For a second I thought maybe she needed stitches. The skin was flapping back & forth and it looked pretty deep. Of course, all this is complicated by the grit & grime of the beach sand. She cried, but only for about 5 min. Aunt Jamie sprinkled some water on it and made it feel much better. Luckily, she's a pretty tough kid. She never said another word about it hurting. Whew.
Every weekend is a fantastic weekend, but this one was sprinkled with a few firsts, a relaxing lunch and shopping just me and my mom, and some pretty good laughs. I'm already looking forward to next weekend!

Camdyn sitting in the stylist's chair. She kept saying to her, "I really like your pretty watch. I like your pretty earrings." The stylist thought Camdyn was very complimentary.

Gramma and Chloe at the beach

Camdyn running Baywatch style...she's only missing the red suit
- Watch out Pam Anderson!

Camdyn & Jadyn playing at the Beach

Camdyn's busted toes - Dang, Heavy Bucket Filled with Sand

Chloe looking cute for Church

Camdyn and Chloe Singing and doing the motions to

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