Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Perfectly Average

Today, Chloe had her 4 month well visit with Dr. Meyer. We determined that Miss Belle (as we affectionately call her, and I have no idea why) is squarely in the 50th percentile for both height and weight. She's weighing in at 12.2 lbs and measures 24 1/4 inches. Although she is perfectly average in both regards she still seems like quite a peanut to me. Following after her BIG sister, who never saw a percentile beneath 90, she still seems so tiny and petite. Just as there are no two pregnancies alike, there are also no two children alike.

The nurse commented that Chloe looks just like her big sister, and although they are mirror images of each other, the similarities stop there. Chloe is much more tempermental than Camdyn was. She'll cry if she's hot or cold, or if she doesn't like the feel of the blanket that I've thrown over her lap. She's also a better sleeper than Camdyn ever was as an infant, and she doesn't eat around the clock like Camdyn did. Any breastfeeding mom out there can attest to what a saving grace that is! I can't help to wonder how these differences will transfer into her personality down the road.

Chloe also got another round of shots in preparation for "school" which she will start in August. She was a trooper, she screamed silently for a moment but calmed as soon as I held her. It was a cake walk compared to the 20 min heel stick she endured a few months back and a few blood draws that resulted in not being able to find the vein. Regardless, I'm glad that is behind us.

So, Miss Belle will spend the rest of the day napping and finding comfort in Gramma's arms and I will continue to smile at my pefectly average and beautiful baby girl.

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Alcala Family said...

Ahhh, glad things went well. They grow up WAY TOO FAST!!!