Monday, July 20, 2009

The Photo Shoot

Piersolls here. Yes, I've finally resolved to blogging mostly because I need a way to pass the hours at work and facebook & myspace are not options. I'll probably be updating OFTEN on account of this.

We took the girls (and grandma) to Sears for Chloe's 4 month pictures. As cute as the girls were, nothing was working out as planned. For starters, Chloe missed her morning nap and was cranky and Camdyn was overly excited about pictures and the prospect of earning a cookie from the cookie store and was very loud and rambunctious. Every time Camdyn forgot to use her "inside voice" Chloe would get scared and cry. I hardly got a picture of the two of them together because Chloe would burst in to tears every time Camdyn got close to her. Chloe's forehead and eyebrows are an indicator of this in the pictures, just look for the red.

The hour long shoot was a bit stressful, but we got some fairly good pictures. Whew. Next time, I think I'll take Chloe by herself or bring Camdyn and tell her that the pictures are just of Chloe. That usually sparks a tinge of jealousy in her and as a result, she channels her innermost Zoolander and poses perfectly. Yes, that will be my game plan for the next time....

Why am I smiling - this was torture!

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Liz & Jim Johnson said...

Yay! Welcome to the blogging world. I love love LOVE the pictures! I can't believe how much Chloe has changed... I am so excited to see all of you! :)