Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Street Party - First Friday

Every 1st Friday of the month, one of the neighboring towns throws a street party.  We hadn't been since Chloe was born, and now that the weather is cooling off a bit, we decided to take the kiddos there last Friday night. 

We packed a picnic lunch and the kiddos ate and played on the sidewalk.  Here Chloe enjoys her organic yogurt, and she's getting really, really good with the spoon!

After dinner, the kids enjoyed some ice cream.  Cam ordered Mint Chocolate Chip which is my favorite too.  She even shared with Chloe although Chloe kept spitting out the chocolate pieces. 

Then, we walked down the street and saw some bizarre things.  Like this horse walking next to a woman wearing 4 inch heals at 6:00 in the evening at a street fair....

Chloe loved this giant dog and got so excited.  I wanted a picture, but I was afraid the dog would lick her and thereby knock her down because this creature's tongue has to be at least as wide as Chloe's little head.

And, then Camdyn posed for a picture with her bestie, Madison.  They love each other and fight like sisters.  They tye-dyed these T-shirts with their classmates last week and wore them to school on Friday.  It's going to be a sad day when these little girls go to different Elementary Schools.

And, the littles played in front of the fountain for a long time and Becky and I talked about how it is so fitting to snap their picture here because they will probably get engaged in front of the same fountain in 22 years or so.  They are betrothed but don't know it yet.

And then the girls got animal balloons and their faces painted. 

Camdyn chose to have her arm done instead, which was a wise choice.  This sucker is still on her arm even after several baths and a dip in the pool.
Then we called it a night and headed home.  I think we'll be doing this again next month, only we'll stay longer to enjoy the live music.  It was definitely great company and a really great time!


Ashley Sisk said...

A street party! How fun. I've never been to one and our neighborhood isn't that close but this really does look like a wonderful time.

Colleen (Shibley Smiles) said...

WOW what a cool thing to have and it looks like so much fun love the photo with the painted face.

Sassy said...

I wish we had those around here! Sounds like so much fun. I LOVE the picure of Chloe and her little friend. Very cute!

Jennifer said...

I wish we had a little fair like that...what a nice little family event. Seems like the kids had a great time. What is with the woman with those heels??? I love the pic of Chloe by the fountain...so precious :)

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Those photos look great! We have something like that in our neighborhood. We didn't make it last week. :(

But, looks like you had fun!

Mama Hen said...

I started to comment before and Little Chick needed me. Can you post for tomorrow night at 8:00 PM New York time? I need a paragraph about you and a picture. You can see what the other features have done. Also, just add the Nestwork button in the beginning of your post and say you are being fetaured there today. Let me know if you can post tomorrow and if you can do it earlier I can do that too. E-mail me your picture and paragraph at mamaslittlenestwork@hotmail.com. Come and join my giveaway! :) I do not really do them, but liked the lesson in the story! Have a great night!

Mama Hen

Mama Hen said...

Oh yeah, the pictures are cute! That is so fun that your neighborhoods do that! It creates a good sense of community!

Mama Hen

Jodie said...

What a beautiful evening you had with the family! Those are the best nights...fresh air, laughing munchkins, some strange sightings, live music...glad you enjoyed it! Gorgeous blog!

LeeAnn said...

I love those neighborhood parties! We used to do stuff like that in our old neighborhood, but not where I live now. I miss it.

And I LOVE the picture of "the littles". How adorable!!!

Eastlyn and co. said...

We, too, live in an "older" community (meaning the houses and their occupants). My kids wished for other kids to play with while they were younger. Now that they are in junior high and high school, there seems to be an influx of little people. My "too big to play outside with little people" kids just watch them zip up and down the street on their bikes and sigh. I think a "block party" would be great fun, but I think most of my neighbors whose kids are grown and gone would think "been there, done that." Then again, I could be wrong. Who knows?