Saturday, April 24, 2010


I was starstruck a bit last night and I'll get to why in a little bit.  First I must preface it with this:

For over 10 years the hubs played baseball professionally and even dabbled in the Bigs for a bit.  Being that what it is, I've brushed elbows, had dinner, and bumped uglies on the dance floor, with plenty of athletes that some would consider celebrities.  This is only relevant because it puts what comes next in context.  Not one of those individuals had an impact on me like this.

By my estimation, I've had 3 celebrity encounters in my life that are truly noteworthy.  Here goes:

1).  Last summer the moms and I became addicted to a show on HGTV called Design Stars.  I don't watch a lot of HGTV, but some friends of mine told me that they did boot camp with a guy that was on the show.  This peaked my interest.  So, I watched.  I became hooked, as did the moms and we looked forward to those nights when the show aired.  We'd critique the designs and the designers, we watched faithfully every week.  About a month after the season ended the family was shopping at Sam's Club.  The hubs and I went our separate ways (divide and conquer in stores, ya'll) and when we met back at the check out lane the hubs says, "Jason is here."  Me: "WHO?"  Him:  "Jason from that design show."  Me:  "No, effin way! Where?"  Him:  "Back by the frozen."  Me:  "I have to see him. Where's my camera."  Him: Are you serious? Me: "I think I might pass out."
Here he is:  Jason from HGTV  So, I went back and I saw him and I so badly wanted to walk up to him and say, "GIRL!  I loved you on that show!"  But, I couldn't because I was star struck, and my heart was palpitating, and I really don't know why.  I told my story to my girlfriends who do boot camp with Jason, and I heard that he would have been thrilled (and ego boosted) had I actually had the nerve to talk to him, and just maybe I will the next time I see him out and about.

2).  My 2nd encounter with a celebrity happened just a few weeks back at Disney World.  The moms, Cam and I were waiting in line to order our lunch at the Starlight Cafe in Tomorrowland.  When suddenly, walking directly toward me (from the counter, right next to me, the only way he could possibly go) I saw him.  I shout, in near hysteria, "OH MY GAWD THAT IS DANNY GOKEY!"  The moms just looks at me blankly, "who?"  At this point my palms begin to sweat, my face reddens, and he looks directly at me.  He smiles, he bites his bottom lip (flattered I guess) and then shoots me a look that said, "please lady, shut up, and don't make a scene."  And then he was gone.  So, I repeat myself to the moms, I explain who he is, all the while noticing that my hands are shaking and people are looking at me.  It took me a few minutes to gain my composure.  So, I text the hubs, and his response was, "sorry, babe.  but that is really sad. he isn't even that famous."  So, over the next several hours, the thought creeps in....what if that wasn't him, and it was just some schmuck that looks like Danny Gokey.  What a terrible fool I am, if that is the case.  So, when we get home I look at his Twitter, and he was at Disney that day, and I did see Danny Gokey, and he was litterly close enough for me to touch him.  Not that I was a huge fan, but there are people that are, and who knows where this country music thang will take him.  Either way you shake it, I was excited.

3).  Then, there is this girl that has this awesome blog that I read daily.  I admire the way she writes, her humor, and how candid she is about her life.  Well, she visited my little ole blah blog the other day, and sent me over the moon!  I think I love her, and if you haven't read her piece, well, you should, cause you just might fall in love with Blair too.

So, there they are...if I had to rank them, I'd say the last celebrity encounter really made my day!  Oh, and maybe I need to work on the whole celebrity Star Struck thing....I mean, god forbid I actually come face to face with Kenny Chesney, or Jennifer Nettles, or that guy that plays Sheldon on Big Bang Theory, I would probably pass out.  Nope. I know I would.

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Liz & Jim Johnson said...

Aren't you so glad I introduced Blair's blog to you?!?! I told you... it's addicting and soooo real. I love it! I feel like I've been following her for so long... we both miscarried around the same time... and then went through pregnancy together, and now have babies close in age. It's crazy!